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Kamuela condos

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Kamuela condos

About Kamuela

Our Kamuela condos are the perfect setting to enjoy the beauty of the Hawaii in luxury and comfort. Located in the Big Island's Kohala region, Kamuela (also called Waimea town) is known as ranching and Hawaiian cowboy (paniolo) country with great weather and close access to many interesting sites and attractions including the charming small towns of North Kohala and the great beaches of the Kohala Coast.

Things To Do
Parker Ranch, which includes about one-tenth of the Big Island making it one of the largest private ranches in the US, has its headquarters in Kamuela. They offer historic home tours as well as horseback riding excursions over the rolling ranchlands with stunning Big Island vistas.

Just a short drive from Kamuela is the Kohala Coast where you can enjoy white-sand beaches with crystal blue water great for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking. Head over to the Hamakua Coast to see the steep-walled Waipo Valley and the 442-foot Akaka Falls with many historic small towns along the way.

Eat and Shop
Waimea offers a wide variety of shops and restaurants. For steak or seafood and innovative cuisine emphasizing fresh local ingredients try Merriman's Waimea. You will find such treats as grilled Waimea asparagus, Island feta cheese, Maui onions and roasted Hamakua mushroom sauce. Notable is Merriman's original Wok Charred Ahi which is seared on the outside and sashimi on the inside - excellent with the Waimea spinach!

For a great cup of coffee try the Waimea Coffee Company in Parker Square where you can also visit Gallery of Great Things - Art of Hawaii & the Pacific which has an impressive collection from the Hawaii artists and craftspeople. For more dining and shopping options visit the nearby towns and also the upscale resort areas of the Kohala Coast where you will find boutique shopping and some impressive seaside dining options.

Getting Around
A rental car is recommended when staying in Kamuela condos so you can explore the region's many historical sites, the great beaches on the Kohala Coast and the region's many scenic attractions including the Hamakua Coast and Waipio Valley

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