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Papakea - 2BR Condo Partial Ocean View #G106

  • H103 As far as the condo--it was perfect no major issues. Great views of the garden and pools as well as the ocean. The resort was maintained perfectly and the grounds were excellent. Convenient located in western side of Maui. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Things that might be address i feel are as follows: H103 needs to be remodeled in kitchen -- Did not like how A/C were connected with timers. But overall very nice unit. Would definitely use your resort again. All of Maui was great -- all were great. Things to share with others: Definitely the island to stay at. Quiet resort --

, Disputanta, VA, 1.23.18

Papakea - Deluxe 2BR + Loft Condo Ocean View #C404

  • 1 The place is lovely and well decorated with updates. The site is well stocked and we were pleasantly pleased. Our biggest dissapoinment was the air condition not working, and the inability to get it working. Moving to a site that was ok but not as well updated and spacious as the first site. The other dissapoinment was learning that the management company knew it was not working and even though a part was ordered prior to our arrival, but knew that the wrong part was sent. Alternative arrangements were not made to accommodate us , as well as not telling us upon arrival that this situation existed.

, 8.28.14

Papakea - 2BR Condo Ocean View #G408

  • Overall we really enjoyed our stay at Papakea G408. First, the high points. The location is great, overlooking the pool and the ocean - just wonderful. The corner unit has better visibility as there are windows on the side as well as the back deck. The loft area/bedroom was really nice for the kids. Now - if you want a pristine "resort-like" room, this one is a little lacking. Its dated with shag carpeting where we'd have rather had tile. The air conditioner is expected to cool the entire unit and does a lackluster job of getting to the master bedroom or the loft so we kept it really cool in the main living area and used fans to circulate through the place. The internet didn't work - the property told us to "hijack" the neighbor's, which was fine except we couldn't get coverage throughout the unit. The paint was peeling in a few places - just overall needs a "refresh". However, back to end on a high note. Overall the beds were comfortable, the closet included lots of toys - boogie boards, golf clubs etc. which were a really nice touch. It was fully stocked with dishes etc. so we just stocked the fridge and started having fun! And again, the location is incredible. We'll likely stay here again.

, 4.26.14

Honokowai Palms - 1BR Condo Ocean View #A7

  • Honakoai Palms A-7. The over all quality; This unit was dated and filthy. As soon as I stepped into the unit I could smell old rotten wood. When I called the agent to find another unit, she was good to look into this matter and was polite and understanding. She was not able to get us into another unit because the island was busy and could not find something within our price range. Filthy! The cupboards were stinky, like old rotted wood. The Bathroom was dirty in the corners, the paint was pealing off, the dishes were greasy, old and miss matched. The pots were so grouse, the couch was so filthy and soiled I didn't sit on it once. The carpet had staines. It was nasty and discussing, it made us just sick. I cleaned the dishes that we used and just left them on the counter. Every time I opened the cupboards I would get a whiff of the nasty old wood smell. I had to air out the stinky towels and leave them on the bathroom counter so I wouldn't have to open the cabinet in the bathroom. There were ants every where, and I was not leaving food on the counter tops to cause that, the unit was infested in them. Over all discussing and filthy! Totally unsatisfied! When I booked this rental I asked the agent if it was noisy and if it was in a safe area and she said yes that it was on a beach road with a park across the street. The HWY was quite a bit away from this unit and that noise did not affect it. She gave me the address so I could google it and sure I could see that it was on a road and that the HWY was behind us with other buildings between. I thought that this would be nice with the beach across the way. Little did I know, it was so noisy that we were not able to sleep at night, there was a cross walk right in front of out unit and all we could here was cars and trucks stopping and going, horns and sirens from fire trucks and police cars all day and night. Many times we saw the police rushing into the parking lot across the road and the building next to us. There was a group of locals that would gather in the park and I'm sure there was criminal activity going on with the smell of pot lingering in the air. We felt unsafe. I would never recommend this unit or area to anyone. Even the girl that came to clean said that the place was discussing and didn't blame us for how we felt. If anything this was the worst part of the trip. We had never been to Maui before and it has really made us stop and think about whether we would return. We wanted to move out to a cleaner quieter unit but couldn't, so we looked into just leaving the island early but then though that we saved for 2 years to come here and it was unfair that we had to leave because of the filth of the unit and noise. We closed the windows and put a noisy fan on and wore ear plugs. We ate out and stayed away all day just to get some relaxation. The day of check out, which was at 11:00 am, Some guy was at out door trying to get in at 8:15 am. My husband said what are you doing, he said he was here to pick up the tables and chairs to refinish them. He said that unit was supposed to be vacant. So we let him in to take the tables and chairs. I can't believe it! This was the icing on the cake.

, 1.30.14

Maui Sands - 2BR Condo Ocean Front #5G

  • This was a great, clean and well maintained unit. Owners were very accommodating in combining two twin beds into one king bed before our arrival per our request and booking agent was very helpful making the arrangement. The unit has two baths, but shower in only one of them. This was not an issue for us, but it would have been slightly more comfortable to have two showers. Overall great views, easy access, great location.

, 12.8.13

Papakea - Studio Ocean View #B207

  • I enjoyed the stay, with the exception of the noise level from unscheduled electric work on Sept 24 and 26. We endured the noise level (electric saws and jackhammers) on Tuesday, but had to rent another room away from Papakea on Thursday, because no one could tell us when the work would be completed, and the noise was intolerable. Other than that, the place was nice, and met all of my expectations. The staff was helpful, although unable to resolve the noise issue.

, 10.2.13

Maui Sands - 2BR Condo Ocean Front #5F

  • We had great time staying at Maui Sand. Condo was very clean. Location also was good. It was quiet. We were completely satisfied. THank you for making it more comfortable and homly environment.

, 8.9.13

Honokowai Palms - 1BR Condo Ocean View #A7

  • The place had lots of bugs it was disgusting and i would never use this place again or recommend it.

, 2.14.13

Hale Mahina - 2BR Condo Ocean Front #B403

  • The unit was not quie as modern as the pictures, but it was clean & comfortable. Any issues we had, were addressed promptly (no wine glasses, bath tub that would not drain, and light bulbs that did not work), all got addressed the same days as reported.

, 1.8.13

Papakea - 2BR Condo Partial Ocean View #G103

  • Well appointed, great location, lots of space - would definately stay in this unit again. Papakea is a very well maintained property, we were very impressed! A couple of suggestions... the bedroom location against the main hallway is noisy - you can hear every conversation of people walking by when you are trying to sleep. Perhaps having additional floor fans or a/c in the bedrooms would allow you to keep windows closed to reduce this noise. Also didn't like the carpet in the livingroom, tile would be a better choice given the main level accessibility (grass, sand, etc). All in all though we loved the room and resort - wonderful stay - Mahalo!

, Edmonton, Alberta, 1.2.12

Papakea - Deluxe 2BR + Loft Condo Ocean View #C403

  • Condo was in nice condition but it holds up to 10 people, but there was only seating for 4-6 in the dining area (not really a dining area. Table was in middle of living room. It was in the way of everything). The rules on the property are outrageous and over the top. They even told us to be quiet when we were sitting on the deck drinking coffee with my 85 year old in-laws. The list could go on and on. There are too many options on Maui and we will never return to the Papakea. We would not recommend this property at all. Also, no beach at all. It is on the top of a flood wall. Love Maui, but not the Papakea.

, Evansville, IN, 9.26.11

Paki Maui - 2BR Condo Ocean View #224

  • 1. the size accommodated a family of 5 nicely. 2. excellent. We appreciated the day extension until our 11 PM flight. Both ladies that I spoke to while in Maui were very pleasant and accommodating! 3. Maui beaches! 4. Bubba Gump 5. our girls playing out in the ocean right in front of the condo 6. Maui is a great place to go to relax, watch whales and turtles from the lanai and meet new people. 7. enjoy-the other residents/guests are great 8. staying at Paki Maui 9. rent a car 10. discovering more beaches and going to Hana We had a wonderful time at the condo. It was nicely decorated and very clean. But the ants are still a problem. An exterminator was there on the 3rd and the ants were still in the kitchen on the 4th. Also the doorknob needs to be replaced. Please pass on these suggestions. We met so many wonderful people while staying at Paki Maui. It was such a great trip and I want to go back already!!

, Bruno, Saskatchewn, 1.6.11

Paki Maui - 2BR Condo Ocean View #224

  • This condo was very clean, recently updated and quite comfortable. The tile floors made living with and cleaning up after children easy. :-) There was one day where cleaning service was provided - that was a bonus!!! Very much appreciated. I was not happy that I couldn't connect using wireless from my laptop - although there was a very long cord to plug in - wonderful! The location of Paki Maui was good for us - quiet, but lots to do for the kiddos. The market (Farmers Market health food store) just behind the coffee shop was terrific!! We thoroughly enjoyed shopping at the open air market 3 days a week also. Hearing the waves crash up on shore just outside our window was so calming. The pool, however, did not receive one lick of sun at all. The area for tanning did get some, but the kids were very cold in the pool. Being right next to a calm beach and playground was outstanding! I would try to stay in this location again - the only thing I would try to change would be to get a little closer to the water as we looked out over the top of the building next to the pool. Also, the parking was very difficult - the painted spots were far too narrow - there was room to park the car, but no room to open the door to actually get out. ??? We found ice cream and gelatos (sp?) just up the street at a restaurant near the Supermarket Times grocery store (don't remember name of restaurant, but you can't miss it - lots of people go there!). I might explore Lahaina more next time because it's so very close - really enjoyed the luau at the Westin hotel - fabulous!!! Would recommend that to everyone. Really enjoyed visiting Maui - hopefully will come back. :-) The Gage Family

, Anchorage, AK, 12.29.10