Honu – Hawaiian Sea Turtles

I walked over to the nearby beach and right there near the shore I saw a huge Hawaiian sea turtle. I couldn’t believe it was so close! I was so fascinated that I wanted to learn more about these gentle marine reptiles that are so common seen in Hawaiian waters.   Hawaiian sea turtles weigh… Continue reading Honu – Hawaiian Sea Turtles

What to pack on an adventurous trip to Kauai

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Kauai is one of Hawaii’s more untouched islands, and as a result, it’s the perfect destination for people who want to have an active, adventurous vacation. There are plenty of ways to enjoy Kauai’s pristine landscapes, from ziplining tours to hikes to snorkeling expeditions. If this is the kind of vacation you dream of, Kauai is… Continue reading What to pack on an adventurous trip to Kauai