Hawaii Hikes – Anaehoomalu Bay Shoreline Trail

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Observing Nature on the Big Island of Hawaii’s A-Bay Trail

The Waikoloa Resort area on the Big Island has all the planned comforts of a modern visitor’s destination including shopping, restaurants and cultural events, all with easy access by car or on foot.

Nearby, however, just beyond the “edges” of Waikoloa are unpaved, winding trails perfect for visitors who want to see a more natural, unplanned side of this beautiful area. Part of the longer Ala Kahakai Trail, this local trail follows the rocky coastline for miles to the south of beautiful Anaehoomalu Bay (A-Bay for short).

Discovering Nature on the A-Bay Trail

Walking only a few minutes along the A-Bay trail, created by myriad feet over many years (long before the resort existed), you will leave all but a few people behind. Be equipped with plenty of water and a hat, sunscreen and some type of covered shoes.

Equally important to bring are patience and quiet – and perhaps a pair of binoculars. Even a short distance along the trail, there are numerous places to stop and sit including small sandy coves, black lava tidepools and even low-branched trees in which to find a viewing perch.

Once you have found a place to stop for awhile, sit quietly and watch what nature does when it begins to forget you are there. Eels, hermit crabs, fish of all descriptions and other wonders come out of their hiding places and resume what they were doing before you arrived.

Young green sea turtles poke their heads out to peek at you and sometimes even come up on the beach to bask. During the humpback whale season (the winter months), scan the horizon for the tell-tale signs of pods traveling along the coast. Sometimes you can even hear the slapping of flukes on the water when they come in close enough.

Sea Turtles, Eels, Hermit Crabs and More!

My favorite times along this trail have been those odd lunch hours or morning breaks when I have stolen a few minutes to get out to the shore. Reaching one of my favorite spots I sit on the rocks with my feet in the water and wait.

After a minute or two, the turtles begin to poke their heads out of the water, stern-faced eels emerge from their holes. Hermit crabs come back out of their borrowed shells, either looking for food by sifting through the sand or perhaps seeking a larger shell to “trade up” into.

Even if I can only stay fifteen or twenty minutes, I feel as though I have spent a day away from the all things man-made. This is true of so many places in Hawaii. Just steps away from roads and buildings is as much nature as you are patient enough and observant enough to find. Make sure to walk beyond the edges a bit – you will find some of the best memories of your trip!

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