Find thrilling views from above during your Hawaiian vacation

Breathtaking views are all around you, no matter which island you're staying on during your Hawaiian vacation. But for some travelers, scenic strolls along the beach or afternoon mountain hikes just don't cut it when appeasing their inner thrill seeker. The combination of experiencing a rush while seeing immaculate aerial views comes in several forms throughout the Hawaiian islands. Before you get settled into your Hawaiian vacation rental, take a look at ways thrill seekers can satisfy their appetites for excitement served with sides of spectacular scenery:

Zip line tours

Sure, walking through the incredible tropical forests of Hawaii is enough of a scenic experience within itself, but what about flying over the trees and countryside? There are plenty of zip line tours available on each of the Hawaiian islands, however, there are a select few guaranteed to provide visitors with memories that will last a lifetime. One of the most famous ones is CLIMB Works Keana Farms in Kahuku​, Oahu, where flying above palm trees while admiring the shorelines in the distance is a daily occurrence. The course features dual zip line structures, so you and a friend can simultaneously glide through the air. Plus, there are sections of the tour where you'll be zip lining over one of Hawaii's largest produce commercial farms. Tours can last up to three hours, and there are frequent resting points along sky bridges or boardwalks so you can take a moment to soak in all the sights.

Nothing makes sightseeing more exciting than a zip line tour! Nothing makes sightseeing more exciting than a zip line tour!

ATV rides

If you happen to be staying in a Hawaiian condo rental on the Big Island, a thrilling way to get in better touch with the awe-inspiring backcountry is participating in an off​-road ATV tour. A qualified company for this type of adventure is ATV Outfitters Hawaii, where professional tour guides will lead you through beautiful hills and trails that illustrate the natural allure bursting through the Big Island's topography. First-time drivers and veteran ATV operators alike are encouraged to attend these rides that will guide you through iconic paths, such as the Kohala Ditch Trail, which winds its way through cliff​-side trails overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean. Many of the routes were frequented by King Kamehameha, and tour guides will be quick to point out all historical sites and answer any questions regarding the lay of the land. 

"Fly over Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park in a helicopter tour."

Helicopter expeditions

Everyone who flies into Hawaii knows the ecstatic feeling of looking out over the gorgeous landscape and seemingly infinite abyss of blue ocean below. Well, you're certainly not limited to these pristine aerial views when arriving or departing from Hawaii. Helicopter tours are available all over each of the Hawaiian islands, and one company in particular offering services on each of the four main islands is Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. Since 1982, the business has been providing one breathtaking tour after the other, from flying over Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island to whizzing past the magnificent mountains of West Maui. A helicopter tour is simply a means for experiencing aerial views you just can't duplicate anywhere else.

Skydiving plunges

Of course, scenic tours don't get more extreme than free falling out of an airplane at close to 200 mph. There are a variety of companies offering exclusive skydiving opportunities throughout the Hawaiian islands, including Oahu's Skydive Hawaii. First-time skydivers are encouraged to take on the challenge of feeling the ultimate rush while nothing but exquisite scenery surrounds you as you accelerate closer to the drop zone. If you're planning on following through with your first skydiving experience, you can rest assured knowing you're flying with Hawaii's longest running and most experienced skydiving company.