History of the Hawaiian lei [Video]

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The Hawaiian lei is one of the most iconic parts of Hawaiian culture. Although most people generally picture lei made of flowers, they can also be made of leaves, shells, feathers and other items found in nature. These adornments are more than just decoration: They can also signify peace, friendship and bonding.

[marker] You can wear a lei for nearly any occasion, including just wanting to – since lei are a symbol of celebration, wearing one can just mean you’re having a good time. However, it’s worth nothing that there are some etiquette rules when you’re given a lei.

[marker] Presenting a lei to someone is a gesture of friendship, so it’s considered very rude to refuse. It’s also bad manners to take off a gifted lei in front of the giver. If you’re given a lei, wearing it while enjoying yourself will be a sure way to show you appreciate the gift.