Tips For Hawaii Inter Island Travel

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Traveling to Hawaii is a grand adventure. Traveling between the islands is an experience and you can make it a smooth one by knowing in advance what you want to do and where you want to spend your time.

Flying into Honolulu is your best bet, whether paying for airfare with money or miles. First-time travelers flock to Oahu and repeat visitors often do as well because it serves as the gateway for air travel to the other islands.

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Booking packages in advance almost always means a more inexpensive deal, but you’ll be locked into the dates you select. A benefit to booking upon arrival is that local travel agencies and hotels have a great selection and you can book a bit more spontaneously at a great rate, which is great when you decide you want more time somewhere than you anticipated. Book online for the cheapest airfares and rates.

Flying interisland is easy, with plentiful options. Air carriers include go! Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Island Air, Mokulele Airlines and Pacific Wings. All except Pacific Wings (does not fly to Kauai) fly to each of the other Hawaiian islands. Depending on your frequent flier mile program, you could fly with a Hawaiian air carrier that has a partnership with one of the mainstream airlines; currently, American Airlines has a mileage agreement with Hawaiian and Mokulele operates with US Airways and United Airlines. Think bonus miles and free flights!

Averse to flying and all the regulations? Consider taking the interisland ferry from Maui. If you can’t visit all the islands in one trip (or have trouble deciding which ones), focus on Maui and explore Molokai and/or Lanai with Maui as your base.

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Each island has a distinct charm. Your pick might be volcanoes, it might be surfing, or perhaps golf. Do you want to visit each one and sample each? Or would you prefer in-depth exploration at two or three? Are you on your own timeframe and have no budget constraints? Consider chartering a flight or yacht. Decide how you’d prefer to travel interisland, whether by plane, cruise ship or interisland ferry. Upon answering these questions, the rest should be easier to determine.