Rainbow Beaches – A Guide to Hawaii’s Multicolored Sand [Video]

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White, red, black, yellow, and green: You’ll find beaches in all sorts of colors on the Hawaiian Islands!

Hawaii’s multicolored beaches got their spectacular hues from the island’s volcanic activity. The high-pressure geologic environments which create magma and lava also create vibrant rocks. If a beach happens to be near an area with high concentrations of one mineral or another, the sand will reflect that concentration.

For example, black-sand beaches get their hue from the volcanic rock obsidian.

Green-sand beaches are formed when there is a high concentration of Olivine. Even if you’ve never heard the name “Olivine,” before, you’re probably familiar with this stone: transparent, jewelry-quality Olivine is called “Peridot.” These gem-glittered beaches can be found throughout Hawaii – come explore!