Travel Seasons in the Hawaiian Islands

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Do you want to visit Hawaii? If you are planning a trip to the Hawaiian Islands you should know a little about when is a good time to visit. There are pros and cons of visiting at various times during the year.

Peak Seasons

The peak seasons for travel to the Hawaiian Islands are from June to mid-December, and from January to March. If you are going to travel to the Hawaiian Islands during a peak season then make sure and plan your vacation well in advance.

The low seasons are from November to the middle of December, and from January to March. There are also shoulder seasons, usually in April and May, and also from mid-September to October.

If your goal is low airline fares then you should consider visiting during a low season. This is also a good time to look for last minute deals on airfares as well as hotel rooms or other accommodations. For the very best deals on reliable, clean, and reasonably priced accommodations anywhere in Hawaii see Hawaiian Beach Rentals.

Another benefit of traveling during a low season is that there are less people overall on vacation in the Islands and so places you visit may be less crowded.

While there is generally plenty of room for everyone on Hawaii’s expansive beaches and at most visitor attractions, there may be concerns during the high seasons with higher prices on your accommodations and airfare as well as rental cars and other needs.

Seasons in the Islands

As far as weather, one may generally consider Hawaii to have basically two seasons, winter and summer. During winter the weather is a little bit cooler though still generally warm and tropical. For more information about Hawaii’s weather patterns see Weather in the Hawaiian Islands.

Many visitors come to Hawaii from the mainland and other places during the winter to escape from the cold weather where they live. The last two weeks in December are particularly busy in the Islands because it is so cold in many other places.

Winter in Hawaii is the rainier season but sunny days are also quite common. The winter time in Hawaii is generally mild. At night you might need a sweatshirt to stay warm, and early morning can also be brisk, but generally the days are warm.

Swimming in the ocean is also good all year round. By the end of winter the water temperature dips about five or six degrees – perhaps from 80 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit – which is still warm enough to be very enjoyable without a wetsuit.

Air temperatures in Hawaii are usually in the 70s and 80s during the daytime.

Cooler areas are found at higher elevations such as the Upcountry region on Maui, Kokee State Park on Kauai, and of course atop the Big Island Volcanoes where snow is common. Most of your time , however, will likely be spent in the warm coastal areas though you may visit attractions at higher elevations and then return to the balmy tropical weather near the coast.

Some areas of the Islands are also wetter than other areas, mostly due to the prevailing northeasterly trade winds. The windward, or eastern sides of the islands tend to get more showers as do the north shores, while the south and west shores tend to be hotter and drier.

Weather patterns in the Hawaiian Islands may vary a bit depending on the locations of certain mountain ranges and other geographical features. If you want sunny days, however, you can almost always find them somewhere on the south and west shores. The north and east shores are also sunny most of the time, though usually a bit cooler and breezier (which many people prefer).

Golden Week

The last week of April is known as Golden Week – this is when three Japanese holidays come one after another. During this time many Japanese travelers come to Hawaii, mostly to Waikiki.

From mid-June until August is also a popular time for families to visit the Hawaiian Islands because this is when most children are out of school. As a result travel deals are usually harder to find during this time.

The summer of 2009 may buck that trend, however, because tourism overall is down. There may be special discounts available even during this traditionally busy time if you search around for the best deals.

Remember, for the very best deals on reliable, clean, and reasonably priced accommodations anywhere in Hawaii see Hawaiian Beach Rentals.