Handmade Kauai

Handmade Kauai
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Visiting the Hawaiian islands often includes active water sports, world-acclaimed beaches, tasty food and ultimate relaxation at the forefront. Shopping for everything from upscale items to island treasures is also a part of many itineraries. Kauai’s handmade products are some of the most popular souvenirs for family and friends, take-home gifts for travelers and local island residents.

Yummy Kauai Kookies come in Hawaii flavors.

Functional, unique and handcrafted, visitors to Kauai will find woodwork, soaps, plants, rums, jewelry, apparel, candles, spices, cookies, food products (passion fruit wasabi dressing, for example) and more. International award-winning Kauai-made products are rare and worth the extra space in your luggage, or you can use while staying in your vacation rental. Almost all items can be shipped home for you.

Coconut Postcards

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Hanalei Weke Road Estate
Exceptional views and ideal location, Hanalei Weke Road Estate is an island cottage with the dual benefit of beachfront landscapes and mountain views. Spacious enough for 16, this vacation rental is truly an estate with its own vast areas to unwind and celebrate island treats that are Kauai-made. Nearby are plenty of eateries and shops. The home has plenty of lounging areas—the patio or indoors or the cozy and casual bar in the kitchen.

Moloaa Main House
A vacation rental home on northeast Kauai, Moloaa Main House is the intimate space that will work well for a small family or couple. It will serve as a great anecdote to share when you go home or before—your postcards can tell friends and family that you’re intentionally stranded on Gilligan’s Island because Moloaa Bay is the site that served as a location for the television show. While you’ll have all the modern conveniences they didn’t have on the show (fully equipped kitchen, wireless Internet, air conditioning, etc.), you’ll also have a true island home, private and natural, like many of the crafts you’ll find on Kauai.

Kauai Beach Villa
Kauai Beach Villa is a vacation rental for six or the solo traveler seeking oceanfront views, a large lanai and plenty of little luxuries  and conveniences (the home’s interior was fully renovated in 2007) including a sandy beach and coral reef just steps away. Go fishing, golfing or swimming and take advantage of Haena’  natural views from just about every room in the house.