Top 3 Luxury Vacation Rentals In Poipu

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Ho’onani Estates
A luxury vacation rental home in Poipu, Ho’onani Estates, roomy enough for 20 with as many bathrooms as bedrooms is paradise on Kauai. Popular features include a deck from which to linger over a hearty breakfast while watching the waves, tastefully furnished rooms that are inviting with expansive windows, vast seating areas with tropical views and amenities that will bring out the gourmet island cook in you. Many luxury homes have an austerity in which they are only enjoyed by viewing but not living due to their museum-like atmosphere. This ocean-view luxury home is remarkably comfortable and inviting. The vacation rental home is in excellent proximity to sightseeing and other activities, although the grill, outdoor pool and short distance to the beach are a draw to stay on-site the entire time.

Ka Lae Kiki
Offering a taste of old Hawaii with all the conveniences for vacationing today. It’s a spacious Poipu vacation rental for under 10 to celebrate the fellowship of friends with an easy spaciousness that finds a balance between privacy and togetherness. Striking ocean views, expansive outdoor seating and plenty of spots to relax and sip a cocktail make this luxury vacation rental appealing to a big family or group, or even a few couples seeking an escape. Ka Lae Kiki is the ideal spot for entertaining and cooking for a group before whiling away the hours in the pool with a vantage point of the ocean nearby. The steps outside the home, the craggy coastline, the walk toward the sea and the deck are only a few places this home offers for reflection and time to bask in Poipu’s continuously sunny rays.

Hana Hou Hale
A newly constructed home with a strategic viewpoint of the magnificent sea is Hana Hou Hale, a luxury vacation rental home in Poipu with a hot tub, spacious kitchen and inviting rooms to retire to after a day of ultimate indulgence in the sun. The pool is easily warmed by the South Shore’s beaming light. Start the day with breakfast in the easy chairs on the desk with sparkling waters in the distance and end the day with a striking sunset, cocktails and appetizers. Most of the bedrooms offer more than one window, providing glorious light and warmth throughout the day but shades block the light for a restful night’s sleep. Expansive living room areas are perfect for watching the waves outside while lounging indoors or while cooking.