Maui Luxury Destinations

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One of the best resources at are the booking agents. They live in Hawaii and have in depth knowledge of the variety of destination available to you in your travels around the islands.

Today I got on the phone with Maui local, Leimana, who helped me book a Maui luxury home for an upcoming vacation. Being from Kauai, I had some questions regarding my vacation. Specifically, where are the best place to stay based on my budget and what types of things there were to do in each location.

Me: If you could take a vacation anywhere in Hawaii, where would you go?
Leimana: Maui of course, it’s the best! But maybe I’m being a little biased because I live on Maui.

Me: What is so special about Maui?
Leimana: Well, first off, it’s not as busy as Oahu but there is still night life. Plus, it has some of Hawaii’s best beaches, and you can travel to Hana to see waterfalls. And the ocean activities are second to none.

Me: What are some of your favorite Maui destinations?
Leimana: The South Side and West Side are my favorite. I like both of these destinations for the beaches. There are some nice properties in the $200 – $300 range in these locations. Some of my favorites rentals are in Kaanapali and Kihei.

Me: Where would you recommend someone stay if their looking for a luxury rental or villa?
Leimana: Kapalua, Wailea, or even a luxury estate in Lahaina. These are all great destinations with beautiful beaches, golf, and some of Maui’s best shopping and restaurants.

Me: As far as luxury rental homes go, what are some of your favorites on Maui?
Leimana: This is a tough question because there are so many great homes to choose from. I guess it really depends on availability and budget. Here’s a few I like that are available for your vacation dates:

Endless Horizon (Lahaina)

I love this property because it is private (sits on 5.5 acres) and the home has disappearing walls leading out to an affinity pool with views of the island of Lanai.

Kapalua Manor (Kapalua)

This home has 6 suites, so it’s great for multiple groups. Of course, the pool is outstanding, but the beach is also just a short walk away with great swimming and snorkeling available.

Hoku at Ho’olei (Wailea)

This townhome is technically a condo, but I’d like to add this one to the list because Ho’olei is a premier destination across the road from the Grand Wailea Resort. If you’d like the amenities, golf and beaches of the Grand Wailea, but don’t want the crowds, this is the rental for you.

Me: Those look like 3 really nice rentals. Thank you for your time. Can we do this again next month? I’d like to ask you about family recommendations.
Leimana: Sure thing, you know where to find me.