Maui Maps and Maui Travel Guides

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Searching online for information can easily be overwhelming. Map references that will provide a useful visual sense of Maui’s layout can provide a shortcut to planning a week-long itinerary, guide preferences of where to stay, etc.

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  • Good visual map of Maui
  • provides a variety of maps.
  • Lonely Planet offers a good source of information, including an interactive map that includes sights, shopping, restaurants and entertainment.
  • Hawaii Drive Guides has a series of magazines (available online too) that outline things to do by geography.

Maui Hiking Guides

  • Good site, a little busy and has ads, but this is extensive:
  • Straightforward, this provides useful and summarized information:
  • GORP (Great Outdoor Recreation Pages) has links to parks, weekender guides and trail finder
  • is a useful site for overall information for the adventure traveler:

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Restaurants, hotels and attractions in general are searchable jointly and specifically. Zagat, Yelp, TripAdvisor and official tourism sites offer a balance of a consumer’s point of view and official information about an area. Hard copies are available in abundance. The best way to determine the guidebook for you is to take a look at the layout of the book—is it organized in the manner in which you are seeking the information, is it targeting a specific type of travel party (family, solo, adventurer, couples, etc.) and is it providing information that is broad or tailored to you (budget, interest, lifestyle, etc.).

DK books, Maui Revealed, Lonely Planet, Compass Guides, Gayot and Rough Guides are just a few favorites. The best way to plan a Maui trip is to read some of the latest editions of books (some things don’t change but it’s always best to know the latest information, no matter how small the difference) and local blogs. Locals are some of the most passionate and informative guides before you arrive and afterward too.

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