Search for the best hidden beaches of Maui

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One of the best parts about visiting the beautiful island of Maui is having the opportunity to unearth some of the hidden natural gems of the land. While visiting all the popular destinations and attractions is certainly a must, Maui allows travelers plenty of chances to seek out and explore some incredibly scenic spots that are generally off the beaten path. This is especially true of the beaches of the island. Sure, spending an afternoon soaking up the sun at popular places like Kaʻanapali Beach or Makena Beach State Park are essential destinations. However, those staying at a Maui vacation rental looking for something a little more secluded and secretive should consider trekking out to these hidden beaches of Maui:

“Paako Cove is the only beach on Maui that has secret in its nickname.”

Paako Cove

When a location has “secret” inserted in its nickname, you know it’s got to be somewhere worth checking out. This specifically applies to Paako Cove, known to the locals as Secret Beach. Located in the tiny town of Makena, Paako Cove offers exclusive scenery and pristine shorelines that are rarely packed with people. Paako Cove is only accessible through a short hike that goes in between a narrow opening between two lava rock walls (how’s that for a hidden entrance?), so wear comfortable hiking shoes and clothes. Once you’ve arrived, be sure to snap some pictures of the waves crashing up against all the reef formations that pop up through the emerald water surface.

Paia Bay

When most people think of beaches in the city of Paia on Maui’s northern shore, they picture two popular options: Baldwin Beach Park and Ho’okipa Beach Park. While these are certainly beautiful beaches in their own right, they tend to be crowded throughout the day. If you’re interested in checking these beaches out, be sure to spend an hour or so exploring the secluded Paia Bay, located right near Baldwin Beach Park on the edge of the town’s entrance. This is a small area (referred to as Baby Beach by the locals), but what it lacks in size it definitely makes up in beauty. The sandy beach is relatively free of rocks, and features calm waters, perfect for relaxing or kayaking around. Be careful though, as there are no lifeguards on duty near the waters of Paia Bay.

Hamoa Beach

You know a place is a hidden gem when the island’s best surfers frequently flock to it. Hamoa Beach is such a destination, one that’s mostly surrounded by nearby cliffs and forests, adding to its secluded vibe and serene settings. The waters here offer some of the best surfing breaks throughout Maui, so you’ll be sure to encounter a few surfers around the area relishing the pristine conditions. However, Hamoa Beach is decently sized and spread out, so you’ll have plenty of chances to get away from any subtle gatherings and explore the premises at your own leisure. This is one of the lesser-known beaches of Hana, and caters more to visitors in need of an active area that’s not too packed with people.