TripAdvisor’s Top Vacation Rental Hot Spots

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The world’s largest travel site (50+ million unique monthly visitors) has revealed 2011’s vacation rental hot spots, with two of the destinations in Maui, Kihei and Lahaina. Both TripAdvisor travelers (results from search data) and site editors determined the top 10 and Kihei yielded the most potential vacation rental savings ($2,860 for a weeklong trip) and Lahaina was in the top five ($1,540 for a weeklong trip).

Often, when travelers speak of their dream destination, particularly a tropical one, Hawaii ranks at the top of their list. Before discussion or research though, the thought is quickly dismissed because of cost consideration. The TripAdvisor rankings show that even in a difficult economy, Maui is not only a value vacation, but one highly sought by travelers.

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Lahaina on west Maui, known for relentless sun, is a clear choice for a visit. The historic town known for whaling is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has lively shops, restaurants and the scenic Lahaina Harbor. Kihei, in south Maui was once a respite for royalty so it’s understandably a favorite among travelers today. Spectacular views of Lanai, Molokini and Kahoolawe from six miles of beaches; whale watching and a lively nightlife are among reasons to book a vacation rental here.

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Vacation rentals offer affordable options for visiting a popular destination. Solo travelers, couples, families or groups all benefit with stays in vacation rental homes, which are available in varying price ranges. Sumptuous and spacious sleeping areas, ocean or mountain views, gourmet kitchens and quick access to the beach are some of the amenities for guests. Money saved on meals alone is considerable and the luxury perks of a vacation rental are varied and often more abundant than those of a hotel.