Wailea Spas and Leisure

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A synonym for Wailea could easily be vacation. A handful of other synonyms could be used to describe the ultimate in indulgences. While spas mean leisure to females and golf means leisure to males (and the reverse is easily true too), the act of experiencing relaxation is essential to everyone, in any form. In Wailea, it borders on hedonism.

When you can escape, even briefly, from emails, voicemails, errands, annoyances and all the white noise, the rewards can be beyond belief. Wailea’s spas and golf courses are top notch, two purely luxuriating experiences with neither adding calories or guilt.

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The islands naturally release a carefree spirit in even the most stressed individual. Top resorts, multiple, offer world-class spa treatments, with an tropical flair. Everything from facials to massages, oceanside or within the pampering walls of the spa, will genuinely relax and exhilarate. Sweet florals, firm practices and techniques that have evolved a thousand years are what everyone needs from time to time. Sometimes, it’s easy to dismiss the thought of spending money on an experience. After all, what do you receive in exchange, in hand or in a bag to take home? Vacations are for the experience and when you take one, you have to budget the time and money to further indulge and experience something new or unique.

Wailea’s spas and golf courses offer rare experiences. The Grand Wailea Resort, the Four Seasons Resort and the Fairmont Kea Lani are each home to spas known globally for surreal environs and treatments. The golf courses in Wailea, the Gold, Emerald and Old Blue, are award-winning and though challenging, are a stress-reliever that could best be capped with a good dinner and next-day spa treatments.

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Lavish atmospheres, an oddly comforting empowerment of having stopped time, if even just in your world, this is what Wailea provides. Exotic treatments, comforting baths and rare opportunities to be in silence immersing into the landscapes are a smart way to give back to yourself. While a day at the spa or on the golf course isn’t necessarily cheap, look for deals and down times during the week or slow seasons, to make it happen. Look for packages to stay and play. Buy in bulk—purchase a full day of spa treatments.