Recommended Honolulu Travel Guide

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Highly Recommended Reading for Anyone Visiting Honolulu

From its title alone, ALOHA Where You Like Go?, this Honolulu Travel Guide evokes a sense of what to expect from the book.

In a sea of books, e-books, travel guides, blogs and other sources of travel information pushing touristy tours and destinations, it has become increasingly difficult for travelers to find a vacation all their own. This novel, already a hit among locals, is an off-the-beaten-path guide to Honolulu.

ALOHA Where You Like Go? offers a genuine flavor of life on the island of Oahu beyond the commercialism, typical tourist traps and obvious landmarks, written by someone who has spent a considerable time on the island. It is often said that to find those neighborhood watering holes and to experience local flavor, you should seek advice from everyone from cabbies to the concierge. This book certainly aligns with that advice, written in a story format to illustrate an exhilarating adventure with interesting characters and facets of the island.

Guides that are timeless, providing an appreciation of an area without over-glamorizing each facet and allowing readers to take a journey from start to finish, are the ones true travelers seek and need. This book gives island guests a taste of everyday life, significant for temporary residents to help adapt and fit in like a local…which ultimately yields an enhanced travel experience.

We thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone visiting Honolulu or Oahu.

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