Oahu Vacation Rentals for Surfers

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Surf spots on Oahu offer intriguing names that make you want to check out the scene, food trucks nearby and enough action to entice you to learn. Undoubtedly, the North Shore is the where the island’s visiting and local surfers dominate with captivating feats; however, throughout Oahu’s nearly 100 places to surf, all skill levels will find opportunities to learn, practice and excel. Alongside some of the world’s best surf spots, Oahu is known for numerous local food eateries, staggering natural beauty and several amenities among the beaches.

Oahu’s past is still present in its surf spots, which give travelers additional reason to visit, plus bragging rights of surfing where legends once played. Wave quality, tide position, type of reef and beach amenities vary but are important to know beforehand so you can plan your day itineraries. The right gear, a lesson or two if necessary, weather updates and a good-natured attitude will all secure a fulfilling and enjoyable experience as surfing is a water sport that takes patience, stamina and enthusiasm. If you have others traveling with you and spending time with you, look for beaches with great surf spots and picnic areas, shady spots, shower and restroom facilities, concessions and shallow wading areas for young ones. Additionally, avid surfers will want to plan staying in a vacation rental that is located within a cluster of surf spots so that each day is thrilling.

Pipeline is where travelers throughout the world visit to see and surf. Surfers excelling at their sport, preparing for thrilling competition and possibly even talking with aspiring surfers are reasons to visit. The reef surf break and Banzai Beach are features for which Pipeline is known. Sometimes called Pipe, it’s a challenging flat reef with caverns and hollow tubes. When the sand on the reef, the swells and the giant waves at each reef are grander and more powerful at each momentous turn.

Pipeline Blue Wave House
This vacation rental is aptly named for proximity to the famed Pipeline. Extraordinary surfing, sounds of the beach and sights nearby make this vacation rental home a top choice among couples and families alike. Expansive windows, views of both mountain and sea landscapes and a relaxed vibe create the perfect visit for travelers seeking an exceptional home near some of the world’s best surf spots.

Tropical Beachfront with Studio
A beachfront home ideal for twelve guests or less. Spacious living and sleeping areas, six bathrooms, jetted tub in the bath and excellent entertainment at this vacation rental make staying indoors blissful, even with several guests. Beyond the semi-enclosed deck, a world of nature awaits so enjoy a hearty breakfast and head for the beach, just steps away. Plenty of water sports, including surfing, kayaking and more, plus golf, tennis and other outdoor activities are accessible here. Make your stay an adventure with surfing at nearby Pipeline. Challenging experiences surfing among the best at Pipeline make this home a haven after a strenuous and satisfying day of sun and surf.

Leftovers is known for multiple waves, from three to six foot, with a sloping left, including an inside shallow area, a reef ledge known as Nobu’s left. Check out the sea urchins inside the reef at low tide and plan to paddle out for a bit and enjoy days when the swells bring waves greater than seven feet. Nearby are Chuns and Alligator Rock.

Aqua Henalu with studio 
This vacation rental home offers five bedrooms, plentiful living areas, ocean views, great proximity to Haleiwa and its own sea turtle that nests nearby. Glorious afternoons await, seaside with cocktails or a tasty plate lunch followed by a shave ice with nothing better to do than watch experienced surfers at Leftovers riding hollow, powerful waves.

North Shore Hawaiian Dream Estate
A beach pad for surfers who like a little spoiling. The ocean and mountain views, the elaborately authentic beach hut look and the beach just under a minute walk away make this a royal vacation rental for anyone seeking a dream stay on the North Shore. An extended family of 10 or a group of avid surfers will find this an ideal stay for lots of surfing at Leftovers and other acclaimed surf spots on the North Shore.

Waimea Bay is multiple surf spots, so a stay in this area guarantees powerful waves ranging from three to sixteen feet. It’s a right, point break that is a favorite among the pros, both local and global. Easy to find, the big waves are best with big boards and paddling is enough to tire the newer paddler. Watch the legends and participate if you’re interesting in a daring and exhilarating experience.

Waimea Point
Located within walking distance to multiple beaches, this is a classic beach house, with casual lifestyle in upscale living. Nearby Ted’s Bakery and all the conveniences nearby make it more appealing. Waimea Bay offers varying waves, from mountains of water to the Waimea Shorebreak, which is massive. Luxurious amenities include a gourmet kitchen, open beam ceilings and a flat-screen television.

Waimea Cottage
Surrounded by lush garden serenity and seclusion. It’s a cozy cove for families and in a location ideal for short walks to whatever you need—groceries, beach trips, coffee shops and away from congestion. Waimea, Three Tables Beach and other North Shore beaches are all nearby, making Waimea Cottage the place for surfing enthusiasts. Take lessons or watch the pros at play.

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