Oahu’s North Shore Comes Alive With Winter Waves

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World’s Best Surfers Converge Upon Famous Surfing Beaches

Winter is coming!  That means the giant waves that break on Oahu’s north shore will return along with surfers from all around the world.

The waves on Oahu’s north shore sometimes get so big that they wash over the road and stop traffic.  Surfers don’t mind though – the bigger the better for these mavericks of the sea.

Here are some of the highlights of Oahu’s North Shore in winter.

Famous Surfing Competitions
The biggest surfing competitions each winter are the Eddie Aikau Big Wave contest, and the Triple Crown of Surfing.

The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational brings together only the very best giant wave riders, and the contest is only held if the waves are of sufficient size – absolutely giant! – to be worthy of the Aikau name.

Eddie Aikau, a native Hawaiian, is a famous person of Hawaiian history because he paddled away from the overturned Hokulea Voyaging Canoe to seek help for others on the canoe, but he was never seen again.

The other world famous surfing competition on Oahu’s north shore is the Triple Crown of Surfing, which is held at three different north shore beaches. The series of contests brings all of the best professional surfers each year.

Banzai Pipeline
One of the most famous surfing spots in the world is the Banzai Pipeline.  Located at the southern end of Ehukai Beach Park, “The Pipe” is known for its hollow breaking waves that form large tubes which completely engulf the surfers – only the best are able to emerge from the “barrel” unscathed, and this is done to the great thrill of onlookers who come to see these masters of the sport take on the wildest waves.

Sunset Beach
This legendary big wave surfing spot is another favorite of the world’s best surfers.  The white sand beach is also very enjoyable for visitors who marvel at the wave riders offshore. At the northern end of the Sunset Beach Park is Backyards, a popular windsurfing location.

Waimea Bay
One of the north’s shore’s most popular beaches, Waimea is also one of the most renown surfing spots in the world. Waimea is known for having potentially rideable surfing waves when the surf is extremely large – so large that no other beaches on the north shore can be surfed by anyone. The giant winter waves of Waimea are the stuff of legends, and indeed legends have been made at this amazing beach.

Across from Waimea Bay is the Waimea Valley Audubon Center. This wonderful botanical garden features thousands of rare and endangered plants that are arranged by theme and can be viewed along a trail that leads up to nice waterfall where you can go swimming.

Once you have seen the famous beaches of Oahu’s north shore you simply must visit the town of Haleiwa, which is known as the gateway to Oahu’s north shore.

Highlights of Haleiwa include the town’s arched Rainbow Bridge, and also the North Shore Surf & Cultural Museum, which is located in the North Shore Marketplace.  The Museum has vintage surfboards on display along with photographs and videos about surfing.

Hale‘iwa Ali‘i Beach Park is also a nice surfing area where surfing contests are sometimes held. The park also has county facilities for basketball, volleyball, and baseball.

Winter is when Oahu’s north shore comes alive with waves and surfers, so expect this winter to be another exciting time for those who ride the big waves and also those who like to watch this thrilling activity.

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