Things For Kids In Kailua

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Kailua Beach Park is a good place to start when planning an itinerary filled with things for kids in Kailua. The beach has all the amenities necessary for a full day of sun and play, lifeguards, restrooms, showers, food and beverage concessions and picnic tables with pavilion. Pack a picnic, swim and watch the wind surfers practicing their sport.

Kawainui Marsh is a fascinating 830 acre wildlife area, the largest wetlands in Hawaii, for seeing indigenous birds. Enter from Kaha Park or Kailua Road and bring the binoculars to spot Hawaiian Stilt, Hawaiian Moorhen, Hawaiian Coot and Hawaiian Duck, plus catch views of Mount Olomana and the Ko’olau mountains. Make sure to see Ulupō Heia, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The site and Kawainui Marsh are certainly educational, but you can make it fun for kids with the natural beauty they’ll see as well as a Kailua shave ice afterwards (President Obama visited Island Snow).

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Take the water sports to a new level and make lifelong memories with the kids on a family kayak outing. If you have kids old enough, consider paddling to Flat Island (Popoia), which will be an experience getting there and then upon arrival. The island is a bird sanctuary so if you want to take a break before heading back, bring snacks or lunch for a picnic. Spending quality time sharing an adventure will give the kids plenty of stories to take back to their friends and keep sharing as they get older. Also important is a green or eco tour to teach them through exploration instead of books.

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