Top romantic must-sees on the Big Island

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Hawaii is a major getaway for lovers, and once you set foot here, you’ll quickly understand why. Whether it’s your first time on a trip together or you’re seasoned travelers heading to Hawaii for a milestone anniversary, Hawaii is usually on the short list of romantic locations.

The Big Island is also a major hotspot for honeymooners. Why? The isle boasts breathtaking and secluded beaches, amazing restaurants, dinner cruises complete with bubbly and exotic activities, such as luaus, that are sure to get your hearts racing. When you’re staying in your Hawaii condo rental, you’ll also want to take time to relax and unwind in one of the isle’s many spas and gardens.

However, there are a few must-dos you’ll need to check off your list while you’re enjoying your stay on the Big Island. Here are a few to keep in mind:

“The Big Island is a major hotspot for honeymooners.”

Go for a champagne sunset sail

Two glasses of bubbly, the Kohala Coast before you, sea breezes and the magnificent Big Island sunset on the horizon: If you’re thinking about proposing or professing your love for that special someone, this is probably a great way to do so. Setting sail has always been a mainstay for romance, and with a sunset cruise, you can go all out in the romance department without doing any heavy lifting. You are on vacation, after all.

Arrange for a lei greeting

Let the romance begin before you even get to your Hawaii vacation rental. There’s nothing like stepping off of the plane at the Kona Airport, feeling the warm Hawaiian air and then getting greeted with “Aloha!” as soon as you head outside of the terminal and into the sunshine. It’s even better with a traditional Hawaiian lei being placed around your neck.

Imagine how impressed that special someone will be when they realize you arranged for an Aloha greeting. Not only will you enjoy wearing your lei throughout the trip, but you will get your romantic getaway started in the best possible way.

Having a lei greeting awaiting you and that special someone upon arrival. Have a lei greeting awaiting you and that special someone upon arrival.

Go on a waterfall hike

Hawaii is blessed with loads of ecotourism activities, many of them with locales you have to see to believe. Although romantic activities are meant to be relaxing, there’s no doubt that lacing up your boots and hitting the trail can also be a wonderful experience for the both of you. Plus, a little exercise on vacation never hurt anyone!

According to Guide of Hawaii, the Big Island has several waterfall hikes to partake in, including some that you can even arrange a helicopter ride to if you want to keep things super romantic and remote. Some of the most popular include Akaka Falls, which boasts a magnificent 422-foot cascade that is sure to take you and your loved one’s breath away. Can you think of a better place to steal a kiss? We didn’t think so. Other popular waterfalls on the Big Island include Pe’epe’e Falls, Rainbow Falls, Umauma Falls, Onomea Falls and Wai’ilikahi Falls.

There's nothing more romantic than a waterfall hike through the Hawaiian countryside. There’s nothing more romantic than a waterfall hike through the Hawaiian countryside.

Bask in the sands of Punaluu Black Sand Beach

It’s just not a romantic getaway to Hawaii without at least one stroll on the beach. Punaluu Black Sand Beach is a bit of a hidden gem on the Hawaiian isles. Though it doesn’t get the big name recognition like Waikiki and others, it’s still considered one of the best stretches of surf in the state for a variety of reasons – but mainly, thanks to the unique black sand that’s found here. Due to volcanic activity on the Big Island, there are several types of sand to see, including the famous white powdery sands throughout most of the coastline. However, travelers can also find green and, most famously, black sand beaches. The Kau Coast, which is where the Punaluu Black Sand Beach is located, is the best place to see this beautiful geological phenomenon in person. Just imagine the amazing photos you and that special someone will take when you visit!

See the hula in real time

Carefree, distinctive and unforgettably romantic, the hula is a dance you’ll definitely want to master with that special someone during your stay. After all, it doesn’t get more lovely than dancing the night away, and in an amazing environment like the Big Island, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so. Honeymooners can either attend a luau or festival to see the hula performed by native dancers.

Or, they can slip on their leis (no dancing shoes are required for the hula) and start swaying to the sounds of the ukulele with hula lessons. Not only is is an unforgettably romantic thing to do with your significant other, but it’s also one of the best cultural pastimes in all of Hawaii.

Romance and Hawaii go hand in hand. During your trip to the Big Island, be sure to check out all of these amazing things to do with your special someone to make the most of your romantic getaway or honeymoon!