Escape The Winter – Hawaii Offers Warmer Temperatures

Who says you have to spend the holidays shivering?
By choosing to travel to Hawaii, you can enjoy white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, warm weather, and swaying palm trees this holiday season. The best part about the Hawaiian Islands is there are tons of other activities you can enjoy to celebrate the holiday season.
We have listed some of the best activities that you can enjoy in Hawaii so you can take advantage of the warm temperatures that Hawaii has to offer!

Weather Of Hawaii In December

On average, a day in December will have a temperature that would sit in the low 80s, and the evenings can get a bit chillier, where temperatures can go near the 70s.

December is considered to be the rainiest month in Hawaii, which is why if you are planning to visit the islands for the holidays, you want to bring some umbrellas with you. The rain in December is just short little shower bursts, which only last for around 10 minutes, meaning they don’t really affect your trip that much.

Lastly, the ocean that surrounds the islands of Hawaii is warm in December, making it ideal for all the people that love surfing or just those that are trying to go for a swim or enjoy the waters of the beach.

11 Must Things To Do In Hawaii In December

Wondering what you can do in Hawaii this holiday season? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are some of the best things that you can try and do in the islands of Hawaii this December:

Attend The Kauai’s Festival Of Lights

Every single day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, from 6 pm to 11 pm, Santa is going to be available for pictures at the History County Building Porch. The building is decorated according to the season and music is played throughout the venue, making it a must to visit if you’re planning to spend your holidays in Hawaii.

Whale Watching

The holiday season is also whale-watching season for those that are visiting Hawaii. From the months of December to March, people visit Hawaii to observe whales. Most of the time, migratory humpback whales are spotted near Maui and with proper guidance, you can observe them up close.

Pearl Harbor Memorial Anniversary Parade

On December 7, the Pearl Harbor Memorial Anniversary Parade pays respect to those that served at Pearl Harbor. During the parade, enjoy events like band performances, outdoor movie nights, reef laying ceremonies, block parties, dinners, memorial services, and many more.

Visit Chinatown

If you’re in Oahu during the holiday season, you’ll want to visit Chinatown. Merchants decorate their storefronts for the holidays and everything around the market is going to be in a holiday theme. Make sure while visiting that area, you get your free walking map!

Waikiki New Year’s Eve Fireworks

If you will be in Waikiki for New Year’s Eve, you can enjoy the Waikiki NYE Fireworks on Waikiki Beach. The fireworks are amazing and you will also get the opportunity to meet a lot of people.

Christmas Parade

Attending the Waimea Christmas light Parade in Kauai is something that everyone should do if they are visiting the islands for the holiday season. This event is complete with cowboys and horses.

Hawaiian Holiday Arts And Crafts Festival

If you’re looking for something free to attend, you want to attend the Hawaiian Holiday Arts and Crafts Festival. This local holiday festival has local artist’s arts and crafts for sale. There is also live music and food.

Checkout Surfing Contest

Hawaii is hugely known for its big surfing events or contests, due to it’s big waves. The waves are known to be the biggest, especially on Oahu’s North Shore between the months of November and December of each year. Sunset Beach is also home to one of the largest surfing competitions in the world, which is the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing contest.

Not all beaches in Hawaii have big waves in December, so if you’re into swimming, visiting the West Shore is a good option because it offers calmer beaches, which allows tourists to enjoy the warm waters.

If you arrive early in Hawaii, Snorkelling can be a good option, particularly in the early weeks of December. The shores in Maui are a good option to go with if you want to take a look at the marine life of the islands.


Hiking is amazingly popular in Hawaii throughout the year. We recommend bringing a light jacket with you as the cold air starts to breeze after the sun goes down. Depending on elevation, the temperatures drop during night time, especially if you are planning to go on hiking at the highest trails.

Hawaii Crowds In December

December is the most active tourist season for the islands, considering that it’s packed with holidays, events, and activities. People flock to the islands of Hawaii because it’s a tropical paradise.

According to data provided by the Hawaii Tourism Authority, more than 530,000 people visit Oahu, around 258,000 visit Maui, 158,000 visit Big Island, and more than 116,000 visit Kauai in the month of December.

The amount of people that are present on this island in the month of December is just staggering, so if you’re into meeting new people, this month is a great one to go with.


Hawaii is a great option if you’re planning to escape the cold weather. The warm beaches, the temperature, and activities you can enjoy makes it a great option to make amazing memories with your loved ones or on your own. With the information we provided above, we hope you decide to choose Hawaii for your holiday travel. We know you, your family or friends that are travelling with you will enjoy Hawaii’s tropical paradise.