Best Kid-Friendly Activities In Hawaii

With its pristine beaches, breathtaking natural landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, Hawaii is a paradise on earth, which is why it’s no surprise that families flock to the islands for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. 

While there are endless Kid-Friendly Activities In Hawaii to enjoy, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones are best suited for your little ones. 

Luckily, we’re here to guide you.

In this article, we are going to explore the top things to do in Hawaii with kids that you and your little ones can enjoy while on your trip to Hawaii.

Is It Safe To Bring Kids With You To Hawaii? 

As a parent, you may wonder if Hawaii is safe for your children to visit. The answer is yes, Hawaii is generally a safe destination for families with kids. 

The islands have a low crime rate, the locals are friendly, and everyone welcomes visitors. However, it’s essential to take precautions such as supervising your children in or near the water, protecting against the sun, and being prepared for emergencies.

By taking these simple steps, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable trip to Hawaii with your kids.

Best Things To Do In Hawaii With Your Kids

If you’re planning a family vacation to Hawaii, you’re in luck – the islands are full of fun and exciting activities that are perfect for kids of all ages. Here are some of the best family-friendly activities in Hawaii that will create lasting memories for the whole family.

Snorkeling At Hanauma Bay

Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay is a great activity for families with children because it offers a unique opportunity to see Hawaii’s marine life up close. The bay is a protected marine sanctuary with calm, clear waters that are ideal for snorkeling. When visiting this place with your kids, they can see colorful fish, sea turtles, and other marine creatures in their natural habitat, which can be a fun and educational experience.

In addition, Hanauma Bay has facilities that make it easy and safe for families with kids to enjoy snorkeling. There are lifeguards on duty, and the beach has a shallow, sandy area that is perfect for young children to play in. 

If you’re worried about wearing the right gear, don’t worry because snorkeling gear is also available for rent on-site, and there are educational exhibits that teach visitors about the marine life and ecology of the bay.

Visiting The Honolulu Zoo

Visiting the Honolulu Zoo is a fantastic activity for families with children, as it offers an opportunity to see a wide variety of animals from all over the world in a beautiful tropical setting. The zoo is home to over 900 animals from 160 species, including tigers, elephants, monkeys, and many more.

Families can expect to have a fun and educational experience at the Honolulu Zoo. Children can learn about different animals, their habitats, and their behaviors. On top of that, the zoo also offers educational programs and interactive exhibits that are designed to engage children and promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

In addition to viewing the animals, families can enjoy other attractions within the zoo such as the Keiki Zoo, a petting zoo designed specifically for younger children, and the Conservation Station, an exhibit that focuses on conservation efforts and animal welfare, making it a top Hawaii attractions for kids

Exploring The Maui Ocean Center

The Maui Ocean Center is a world-class aquarium and marine park that is dedicated to promoting ocean conservation and education. It features a variety of exhibits that showcase the diverse marine life found in Hawaiian waters and around the world. When visiting it, families can expect to have an immersive and interactive experience that will leave a lasting impression on their children.

One of the main reasons to visit the Maui Ocean Center is the educational opportunities it provides. Children can learn about marine ecosystems, the importance of conservation efforts, and the impact humans have on the ocean environment. The aquarium offers a variety of programs and exhibits that cater to different age groups and learning styles, making it accessible to children of all ages.

Another reason to visit the Maui Ocean Center is the diverse marine life on display. The aquarium houses over 60 exhibits that feature animals such as sharks, rays, turtles, and tropical fish. Families can get up close and personal with these animals and learn about their habitats, behaviors, and adaptations. The highlight of the aquarium is the 750,000-gallon open ocean exhibit that showcases a variety of marine animals in their natural environment.

Lastly, the Maui Ocean Center offers a variety of interactive experiences for families. Children can touch sea stars and sea cucumbers in the Tide Pool, walk through a tunnel surrounded by sharks and rays, and watch live feedings and animal encounters. The aquarium also hosts educational shows and presentations throughout the day, allowing families to learn about marine life in a fun and engaging way.

Taking A Ride On The Sugar Cane Train In Lahaina

Taking a ride on the Sugar Cane Train in Lahaina is an excellent activity for families with children visiting Hawaii. The train takes passengers on a scenic journey through Maui’s beautiful landscapes, providing a unique and enjoyable experience for all.

One of the main reasons to take a ride on the Sugar Cane Train is the scenic views it offers. The train travels through lush greenery and offers stunning views of the ocean and surrounding landscapes. Families can relax and take in the beauty of Hawaii while enjoying a fun and exciting train ride.

Another reason to consider the Sugar Cane Train is the unique experience it provides. The train is a historic attraction that offers a glimpse into Hawaii’s past and culture. Families can learn about the history of the sugar cane industry and its impact on the island while enjoying a ride through the picturesque countryside.

The Sugar Cane Train is also a great activity for families with young children. Kids will love the novelty of riding on a train and the excitement of seeing the sights along the way. The train also offers an open-air car, which allows children to feel the breeze and enjoy the fresh air while riding.

Hiking To The Manoa Falls On Oahu

Hiking to Manoa Falls on Oahu is considered to be one of the best Kid-Friendly Activities In Hawaii to go on. The hike leads through a lush tropical rainforest with towering trees and bamboo groves that provide shade and protection from the sun. Along the way, families will see a variety of plants and wildlife that are unique to Hawaii.

At the end of the trail, families will find the breathtaking Manoa Falls, which drops 150 feet into a peaceful pool. The waterfall is surrounded by a picturesque landscape that provides a perfect backdrop for memorable family photos.

The Manoa Falls hike is considered moderate in difficulty and is accessible to most families with children. Also, the trail is well-maintained and easy to follow, with clear markers and signs that guide hikers through the rainforest.

In addition to the scenic beauty and physical activity, hiking to Manoa Falls on Oahu also provides educational opportunities for children. Along the trail, families can learn about the native flora and fauna of Hawaii, including a variety of plant and bird species that are specific to the area.

Attending A Traditional Hawaiian Luau

Attending a traditional Hawaiian Luau is one of the many fun things to do in Hawaii with family

A Luau is a celebration of Hawaiian culture that involves a feast, music, and hula dancing. Families can expect to experience the warm hospitality of the Hawaiian people while enjoying an evening of entertainment.

The feast at a traditional Hawaiian Luau typically includes a variety of dishes that are native to Hawaii. Families can expect to try traditional Hawaiian cuisines, such as Kalua pork, poi, and laulau. If you’re not a meat eater, don’t worry, there’s something for you too. There are often vegetarian and gluten-free options available to accommodate all dietary needs.

During the Luau, families will be treated to live entertainment that showcases Hawaiian music and hula dancing. This offers a unique opportunity for families to experience the traditional arts and culture of Hawaii in a fun and interactive way.

Many Luaus also offers cultural activities that families can participate in, such as lei-making or hula lessons. This provides an educational opportunity for children to learn more about Hawaiian culture and traditions.

Visiting The Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center In Honolulu

Visiting the Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center in Honolulu is a perfect activity for families traveling to Hawaii with young children. The center offers interactive exhibits that encourage children to learn through play, making it an ideal destination for families looking to engage their children in educational activities.

The exhibits at the Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center are designed for children of all ages, from toddlers to pre-teens. The center offers a variety of hands-on activities that stimulate children’s curiosity and creativity, including a sensory room, a water table, and a play supermarket.

One of the highlights of the center is the “Your Town” exhibit, which allows children to explore different roles and professions in a miniature town setting. Children can try other jobs such as doctor, firefighter, and chef, as they learn about the importance of teamwork and community.

The Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center also offers a range of educational programs and workshops throughout the year, covering topics such as science, art, and culture. These programs are designed to engage children in a fun and interactive way, providing an educational experience that they will remember long after their visit.

Taking A Dolphin-Watching Cruise Off The Coast Of Kauai

Taking a dolphin-watching cruise off the coast of Kauai is an exciting and memorable activity for families visiting Hawaii. The waters surrounding Kauai are home to many species of marine life, including spinner dolphins, humpback whales (seasonally), and green sea turtles.

Families can expect to board a boat with experienced guides who will take them on a tour of the coastline, looking out for dolphins and other marine life along the way. The guides are knowledgeable about the local wildlife and will provide interesting facts and information about the creatures that families are likely to see.


Dolphin-watching cruises are typically conducted in the morning when the waters are calm and the dolphins are most active. Families can expect to see the spinner dolphins jumping and spinning out of the water, an incredible sight that is sure to delight both children and adults alike.

In addition to the dolphins, families may also have the opportunity to spot other marine life such as humpback whales (seasonally), sea turtles, and various species of fish. 

This provides an excellent opportunity for children to learn about the diversity of marine life in Hawaii and the importance of protecting the ocean ecosystem.

7 Safety Tips When Going On A Trip With Your Kids

Traveling with kids can be an amazing adventure, but it’s important to prioritize their safety throughout the trip. 

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when planning and embarking on your family vacation:

Plan Ahead

Research your destination and the activities you’ll be doing in advance. Look up any potential safety hazards or risks and plan accordingly. For example, if you’ll be hiking, make sure to bring appropriate gear and stay on designated trails. If you’ll be swimming, check for rip currents or other potential dangers in the water. Make a plan for what to do in case of an emergency.

Pack Appropriately

Be sure to bring appropriate clothing and gear for your trip. This can include items such as sunscreen, hats, insect repellent, and proper footwear. A basic first-aid kit can also come in handy for any minor injuries.

Stay Hydrated

In many destinations, especially in hot and humid climates, it’s important to stay hydrated. Encourage everyone in your family to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Supervise Your Children

Keep a close eye on your children, especially in crowded areas or near water. Talk to them about staying with the group and not wandering off. Make sure to establish a meeting spot in case anyone gets separated.

Teach Your Kids About Safety

Use your trip as an opportunity to teach your children about basic safety rules. Discuss stranger danger, the importance of staying together, and not touching wild animals.

Be Mindful Of Transportation Safety

Depending on your mode of transportation, there may be different safety guidelines to follow. Make sure to wear seat belts, use car seats or booster seats for younger children, and follow all rules when using public transportation or flying.

Know Emergency Procedures

Familiarize yourself with emergency procedures for your hotel or rental property. Make sure everyone in your family knows what to do in case of an emergency, such as a natural disaster or medical emergency.

By following these safety tips, you can help ensure that your trip with your kids is both enjoyable and safe.

Final Thoughts

Hawaii is a perfect destination for families with kids looking for an unforgettable vacation. With its diverse array of child-friendly Hawaii activities, ranging from exploring nature to experiencing unique cultural traditions, Hawaii always has something for everyone visiting its islands. So whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, learn about Hawaiian history and culture, or enjoy outdoor adventures, Hawaii offers endless opportunities for families that are trying to create lasting memories!