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Finding deals and discounts can be overwhelming. The best ones to take advantage of are those offered by official resources and/or do not require paid memberships (unless you know all the terms and are comfortable with the source). You can drive yourself crazy trying to find the best bargains for travel, restaurants and activities.

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  • Packaging your trip can save you money. Create a running list in an Excel document (if you’re very organized and want to tabulate difference in cost) or merely make a list on a notepad.
  • Check out the sites that have long proved successful for others:,,,,,, etc.
  • offers a Best Deals Hawaii page specifically listing the latest deals.
  • Read the reviews, forums. Try and
  • Check back with the Hawaii Convention & Visitors Bureau and compare pricing through the island chapters for the specific island you plan to visit.
  • Check the local businesses. Sometimes, car rentals are much cheaper (and accessible) through the hotel you book and/or local businesses. Check Pleasant Holidays and other Hawaii-based businesses to inquire about discounts.
  • Check Facebook and Twitter. “Like” a Hawaii business or airline and/or follow for the most recent specials.

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Dining can become expensive when you’re eating all your meals in island restaurants. Some options:

  • The weeks before your trip, join the local for Honolulu (more cities in Hawaii may be added soon) so that you can keep an eye out for discounted dining at restaurants.
  • Join to earn points and occasional discounts for restaurants.
  • Search online for discounts from your credit card company.
  • Locally, pick up the guides that give information about what’s new and what’s happening that week or month and you’ll find coupons or discounts listed.
  • Check out for pre-purchased certificates for meals. You may not find the island restaurants you’d like, but if you do, the program is straight forward and simple.

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  • Make sure you bring all your membership cards with you—AARP, AAA, IDs for military, etc. Many attractions offer a discount to seniors, military, families and employees of major corporations or nonprofit agencies.
  • Check the local guides. Just like dining, you can find good coupons and discounts for activities and/or gear.
  • Packaging your trip can help too. Many online travel companies offer discounted ground transport, tickets to cultural sites, etc. if you buy from them. It will save you the hassle later and help build your itinerary if you’re not sure of everything you plan to do—you’ll definitely want to use those passes first.
  • Entertainment’s Coupon book for Hawaii offers great discounts, two-for-one offers, etc. Buy the book and use it; generally, after using a few coupons, the book will pay for itself.

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Hawaii has excellent local resources. Contact the Hawaii Visitors Bureau and its island chapters for discounts too. Before your trip, subscribe to e-newsletters of places that you may patronize to find discounts, coupons and information on the latest specials.