Skydiving in Hawaii

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Few thrills are exciting as skydiving, and doing it over the Hawaiian Islands makes the experience even more exhilarating. Enjoy expansive views from the airplane and then leap into the Hawaiian sky to enjoy an exciting free-fall while attached to an instructor. Then parachute safely to the ground. No experience is necessary for this adventure as your tandem instructor will ensure the parachute opens properly and your landing is safe.

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Hawaii’s weather is almost always perfect for skydiving, and there are plenty of options for beginners to go tandem skydiving with an experienced instructor. One of the most established companies is Skydive Hawaii (808-637-9700) and uses only licensed USPA instructors. Skydive Hawaii uses a Cessna Caravan plane with an extra wide door and operates over Oahu’s north shore.

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During your descent you will reach a speed of about 120 mph and will be so high that you can see some of the other Hawaiian Islands on the horizon. Once your shoot opens and you are floating peacefully to the ground you can take in views of Oahu’s Kaena Point and the scenic north shore coastline as well as Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head. During the winter months you may also see whales breaching offshore.

Skydive Hawaii also offers and Advanced Freefall Program (AFP) which is a structured skydiving course that covers flight planning freefall body positions, altitude awareness, deployment procedures, dive flow, heading awareness, canopy flight skills, landing skills, and solo freefall emergency procedures. Videos of each day’s jumps are given to students to facilitate learning. Call 808 284-1612 for more information.

On Kauai you can visit Skydive Kauai (808-335-5859) to tandem skydive after a 30-minute plane ride at 10,000 feet taking great views of the Garden Island’s southern shore. Then start your freefall near the ocean and parachute slowly to the ground. The staff is led by U.S. National Skydiving Champion Dave Timko. A DVD of your Kauai skydiving experience will be provided to you after the jump.

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