When is the Best Time to Visit Hawaii?

When booking our Hawaii vacation rentals the #1 question people ask is, what is best time of year to visit Hawaii? Of course, the answer varies depending on what you’re looking for. The following infographic looks to settle the answer, but it’s important to remember that the answer will differ depending the the type of vacation you seek.

When is the Best Time to visit Hawaii?

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Monthly Sweet Spots
The Hawaiian islands offer varying activities, many suitable in specific months, making it a destination optimal for diverse year-round experiences. The first part of the year, January through April, are perfect for whale watching season, big surf and often smaller crowds.

Budget-conscious travelers will find great deals in early April, early May, early and mid-August, mid-September, mid-October and mid-November. While travel budgets are important, equally so is a vacation that allows travelers to explore freely. Skip the crowds in late February and early April, May and fall (September, October and November). Well-timed visits in August and September offer great weather and deals. It would be simple to say the weather is idyllic year-round, but some of the most enjoyable weather months include early April and May, the first part of June, the last half of October and early November.

Springtime is for event goers and a myriad of festivals are hosted in April and May, an opportunity to mingle with locals and enhance the trip. Year’s end is attractive to avid surfers and surfing enthusiasts. The waves are the best for surfers to challenge, and display, their skills.

Like the smell and cozy feel of tropical island rains? Plan to play mostly outdoors? Weather matters for golfers, surfers and other travelers seeking specific experiences. May, June, August and September have the least rainfall on the islands but can be considered too hot for some. Consider the activities and the trade-offs and try February and October for a happy medium.

Regional Activities
Travelers to the Hawaiian islands seek authentic experiences and cultural, culinary, art and sports events provide much entertainment to heighten the trip. While April, May, August and September are filled with a diverse array of festivals, just about any time of year, guests find an activity to learn more about the area, the heritage, the skills and finesse among athletes, a showcase of talent in live performances and food that is native to the islands. Meet local residents, see island traditions and enjoy the added features for an island visit. Many of the events draw international acclaim and a way for Hawaii to welcome and host global guests in a unique event.

HawaiianBeachRentals.com guests. Whale watchers and surfers (or surf spectators) will find January is their top pick to stay and sink into great weather and fewer crowds. May is a grand time for weather too, as well as smaller crowds, plus fantastic deals. February through April and June through December enlighten and enliven the cultural traveler, foodie, adventure enthusiast and everyone seeking an island holiday respite.