Best Times To Visit Hawaii

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Travelers dreaming of a Hawaiian vacation naturally want to visit at an optimal time and weather is generally a consideration for any trip, even an island one. While it’s a simple answer to say that any time of year on the island is idyllic, it’s important to note what you plan to do and which islands you are visiting.

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Hawaii offers two seasons, summer, called Kau, from May to October and winter, called Hooilo, from November to April. Beaches, rainforests, mountains and volcanoes comprise the landscapes. Avid surfers tend to prefer winter for bolder waves. Mauna Kea on Big Island offers a dramatic departure from typical Hawaii climates and can dip as low as 25 degrees and Haleakala Crater has also known temperatures of 32 degrees. Mauna Kea is a skiing and snowboarding location. Another island with elevations that yield lower temperatures is Kauai’s Kokee State Park, with an average of 45 degrees. Know that micro systems exist throughout the islands, with rainier areas and varying winds—leeward is western and southern and tend to be warmer and drier. The windward side of an island, northern and eastern, tends to be cooler and wet. You will find that when it does rain, it’s not a long-term downpour that will last for days; rather, it is at times fleeting and generally won’t impact your plans for the day.

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April through October tends to be dry season and it is rainier from November to March. Hurricane season is June through November and the last hurricane was in 1992 on Kauai (Hurricane Iniki). April, May, September and October tend to be good times for weather and bargain prices are more available in these months. December to April is a generally a more expensive time to visit and is also an excellent time for whale watching.

Regardless of when you visit, your experience will undoubtedly be impacted very little by weather, with a little planning. Have an idea of what you’d like to do, which island or islands you plan to visit and on which region of the island you might like to stay.