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Oahu is truly a place in which you can gain all kinds of memorable experiences. From swimming in clear blue waters surrounded by rainbow colored fish, kayaking in the Pacific Ocean or sipping on a Mai Tai while you take in the breathtaking views; your time in Oahu is something which you will not forget in a hurry. Oahu is home to the state capital and the infamous Waikiki Beach in the heart of Honolulu; however, it is also home to an array of well known spots such as the historical Pearl Harbor site, showing that when it comes to vacationing in Oahu, there is very little chance of you having nowhere to run and explore!

If you are new to the island, it can become very confusing as to where you should visit on what day and which attractions are a must-see whilst in Oahu. With so much to do and accommodation and transport to take into consideration, it can become very daunting in terms of how much your dream vacation in Oahu may cost you in total. Thankfully, there are a number of websites dedicated to providing the best in term of great travel deals in Oahu, ensuring that not only do you have the trip of a lifetime, but also one which is truly value for money.

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One of the most useful sites pending visitors can use is the official Oahu site, Go Hawaii ( This site provides users with a wealth of information regarding Oahu from the island’s history and heritage, a guidebook for a new visitor or a returning guest and most importantly; help and advice on how to plan your vacation in Oahu. This section includes links to the best hotels and accommodations, supplying a blurb about the hotel itself and a link to each institution. The site also has the option to add your ideal choices into a basket to help you with your vacation planning at a later date. This section also includes 22 pages of the best restaurants in Oahu, information on local events which may occur during the time of your vacation; and information regarding the best and most popular activities in Oahu. Again, all restaurants, events and activities can be added to an account to help you plan your vacation with ease. Some company sites may also provide discounts should your original site include a reference number for example.

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Another official site offering extensive information on deals and what to do when in Oahu is Visit Oahu ( Again, the site boasts a buffet of information regarding the various top hotels on the island, activities and advice on transport. Although this site does not offer the same help in terms of easy links, it does provide users with user friendly information which helps to paint a picture of the experience they can obtain from visiting Oahu. However, this is linked to Go Hawaii so you have the option to find your required links at some point.

When it comes to planning our vacations, many of us now look to the internet in order to plan our vacations swiftly and in the hopes of saving some money. Due to this, in order to get some of the best travel deals for Oahu, the internet is the best option. Websites such as Travel Advisor ( provides users with honest, sound opinions on the different hotels and eateries in Oahu by past customers and contact information should you wish to make a booking. With an array of links all customized for Oahu vacations spread around the site, you can easily make bookings for your vacation and potentially save money as most businesses will offer discounts to customers to book via the internet.

Finding great travel deals in Oahu is all about research. Before you look at prices, think carefully about what you desire to do whilst on vacation and make a plan of how much you can do in the time you expect to be on the island for. Decide on your total budget and from there, look into prices. You may find that money does not permit for you to do everything you wish during your Oahu vacation but with thorough research under your belt, you will be well equipped to plan your return soon after!