Hawaii Beach Safety

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A change of place, new surroundings, perhaps a new water sport or simply a visit to a different beach enjoying a sport you’re familiar with—any small misstep can cause an injury and disrupt an idyllic vacation. Any traveler, regardless of skill level, should consider a few tips for himself and those in his travel party so that everyone, children and adults, are safe.

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Look into the amenities of the beach you plan to visit, even if it is one that you’ve explored a year ago or sometime in the past. Financial times have resulted in cutbacks so that can include lifeguard hours. Know the rules about when you can visit but also when you’re permitted to participate in water sports. Swimming, surfing, snorkeling and diving are all popular for travelers to Hawaii and it’s crucial that you consider the tides, rip currents and other factors impacting a beach day.

If you’re going on a big adventure or simply want to make sure to let others know your plans, email the family or let the hotel staff know of your day itinerary.

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• Dress for the sport and make sure you have the correct gear, from apparel to shoes. Rocky reefs look beautiful but are sharp.
• Travel with essentials, including bottled water, snacks, etc.
• Check travel conditions before you head to the beach. Upon arrival, follow the rules posted on the signage.
• If you’re not certain about a day with powerful waves and you’re not quite skilled to surf at that level, don’t.
• Keep in mind that the sun’s rays are strong and while you may want to get that island tan, you don’t need to get burned so apply sunblock.
• If you are in the water and get swept into a rip current, signal with a wave for help, ride with the current and stay calm.
• If you’re learning a new sport, do a little research even if you have an idea of the experience and/or have an instructor. Preparedness can make a tremendous difference between a smooth or eventful time.