Waikiki Surf Lessons

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Hula and ukulele are Hawaiian cultural treasures and while water sports don’t quickly come to mind as culture, surfing on the islands, particularly Waikiki, is legendary. Destinations have one or multiple landmarks of things to see and do. Waikiki is notably special for the Waikiki Beachboys, the group of carefree men who had the good fortune of living in Oahu and surfing their days away on Waikiki’s powerful waves. The resorts began to build and a clientele emerged, and with impromptu surfing instructors already on-site, surfing resounded for both locals and visitors.

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Today, surfing on Waikiki beaches is as significant for travelers as visiting Diamond Head, Ioalani Palace and the other major sights. The three-time Olympic gold champion surfer, Duke Kahanamoku, was one of the Waikiki Beachboys, most well known today. The reverence for his skill and unofficial ambassadorship of Waikiki surfing, today, you can visit the statue erected in his honor on Kuhio Beach, perhaps even draw some inspiration from it as you venture into the wild and welcoming waters.

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Many of the major resorts in Waikiki offer surf lessons (sometimes free) and/or can arrange for lessons for you. You can learn in a group setting or solo and instructors teach a variety of ages and skill levels year-round, so you’ll enjoy the local experience. Etiquette, stance, type of boards, type of breaks (beach or reef), tide and wind directions, safety and aspects of how to manage the waves are all features of a good lesson. Do your research and ask around so that you find a business offering the surf lessons that will work best for you and your comfort level. Spend some time on the Waikiki beaches watching the skills of experienced surfers—it’s quite a show and even those who aren’t interested in more than just dabbling might take a turn.