Hawaii Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels

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Some vacations are for the ultimate in indulgence. Others are for the critical need to get away but at a reasonable price. Where you’ll spend your time overnight, the type of lodging you’ll select, is a significant matter once you’ve determined the destination.

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Consider some questions:

What type of traveler are you?

What will you be doing during your visit?

Where will you spend your time?

Where will you eat the majority of your meals?

How long are you vacationing?

Where will you spend most of your evenings and downtime?

Once you begin the vacation planning, where to stay is important, regardless of the destination and how much time you plan to spend sightseeing, enjoying nightlife, participating in activities, etc. How many are traveling and staying together? Is it a romantic getaway for two, family of four, extended family, group of girlfriends or buddies? A couple may want a hotel room with room service on occasion and the rest of the meals in local eateries or a lovely cottage to spend romantic nights watching the waves and lovely breakfasts on the patio, plus a hot tub for plenty of relaxation. A larger group, whether a small family or more than four guests, a suite or hotel room might be too crowded if multiple rooms are not booked. Alternatively, some guests may want more privacy—from each other—and are acceptable to rooms adjacent to each other or on the same floor but may find a vacation rental home too much. However, a roomy vacation rental is an excellent option for giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy a lovely home and quality leisure time together. Furthermore, it is certain that costs will be lower

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Location will also be a factor when deciding on a vacation rental or hotel. Do you want to stay in the middle of all the excitement? But does that mean it’s a tourist area with congestion? Would you like to be within walking distance of major sights? Hotels and vacation rentals are located in a variety of areas within proximity of sights, public transportation, restaurants and more. It’s possible, however, that you’ll find vacation rentals in some unique areas—remote and away from the chaos, in exclusive neighborhoods and in places to catch that local vibe.

If you are on a budget, a vacation rental is a smart choice but it’s not to say that all vacation rentals are no-frills and no fun. You can find an incredible vacation rental luxury home on the shore. The budget factor is really about cost-efficiency. A vacation rental allows guests the convenience of making meals, at least more elaborate ones, than those in a hotel. Certainly, many hotels offer a small refrigerator and microwave upon request or as part of the suite’s amenities. If you plan on eating in more often than dining at a restaurant, a vacation rental is a great choice. Again, it’s not about simple and economical meals. You can pick up gourmet food items, a good bottle of wine, and fresh, local foods from the farmers’ market and create an incredibly elegant meal in your vacation rental.

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Another factor of consideration in deciding between a vacation rental or hotel is sightseeing. Will you and your fellow traveler(s) want to relax and hang out or take advantage of every sight and activity? Will you spend your nights at restaurants and clubs listening to live music and dancing? Or do you plan to unwind by dusk, with a nice dinner (at a restaurant or a meal you make) that ends before 10pm? How much time you plan to spend in your room, suite or vacation rental home should also help you decide where to stay.

Sometimes, you want to be waited on and prefer a hotel. You want room service, someone to clean up after you and you don’t want to bring or buy sundries. Other times, you’ll want to cook gourmet meals, soak in a hot tub, enjoy breakfast on a private patio and live like a local.