Public Transportation in Hawaii

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Ground transportation in Hawaii is varied and some islands have more access to public transportation than others. While it’s not necessary to know every location you plan to visit, have a general idea of places you’d like to see, where your base will be and what is nearby will help determine how frequently public transportation will be available. In addition to public transportation are shuttles and trolleys.

TheBus is Oahu’s public transportation, with an extensive system of routes throughout the island. Information is updated online for delays, alerts, etc. TheBus is a convenient way to get around the island for both local residents and visitors, with special fares for different types of bus passes. The attractions, beaches, cultural sites and shopping districts are just a few types of locations to which visitors can take TheBus. A great deal of information is available online at the website ( and it is operated by the City and County of Honolulu, so you can call or email for detailed questions. The online route planner is helpful to plan the day’s itinerary.

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The Kauai Bus is a fixed route service from Kekaha to Hanalei, with stops in Koloa, Kapaa/Kapahi, Lihue and Wailua. The service is operated through the County of Kauai and schedules are available online ( Fares are available per shuttle, main line or monthly. You can take strollers (folding), musical instruments and body boards but not surfboards. Check online to inquire about specific questions.

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The County of Maui offers bus service between Central, South, West, Haiku and Upcountry Maui. You can ride the bus daily, including holidays, paying a daily or monthly fare. The commuter routes are obviously busiest in the morning and evenings, so keep this in mind when planning your outings. Convenient for visitors, the Upcountry and Haiku Islander routes stop at the Kahului Airport. Check the website for details about golf clubs, luggage, bicycles, pets and other items. Surfboards are not allowed.

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Big Island
Hawaii County offers free rides on the Big Island Hele-On Bus so the only fees are for luggage and carry-on items. The Hele-On Bus is very convenient with extensive routes throughout Big Island, including Hilo, Kona, Kohala, Waimea and Pohoa. Check the website for daily and holiday schedules and information, A unique alternative is the shared ride taxi program, also offered by the County of Hawaii. The program has limitations but may work for some travelers, depending on the routes and itinerary.

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Traveling via public transportation can make life simpler and you’ll enjoy scenic trips throughout the islands without a need to worry about parking or refueling. Decide what works best for you. You may find that island vacations are ideal with a rental car for some adventures and public transportation in other instances.