What To Pack For A Hawaiian Vacation

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When you’re lucky enough to have a week (or more) in Hawaii, once you’ve had the excitement under control, you’ve got to get control of the logistics, which includes what to pack. Travel light, with a big suitcase…for souvenirs, of course.

Baggage restrictions (and fees) these days require passengers to use creativity to avoid frustrations and spending their travel budget before takeoff. Everyone knows by now that liquids are limited and this means lotion, perfume, shampoo, jams, yogurt and bottled water, to name only a few. Check with your airline, but the standard is a single one-quart bag of liquids per passenger, items of three ounces each. Keep in mind that fees and guidelines are based on where you go, who ticketed your reservation, where you’re traveling and other criteria.

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If you’re checking a bag, take advantage of packing essentials that might be costlier on the island, such as suntan lotion but don’t worry about shampoo. Jeans, khakis and shorts (a few pair) will give you a chance to dress for varying degrees of weather. Sports gear is usually cheaper to rent, even if you love your top-notch golf clubs or surfboard.

A list of must-bring items:
• Jeans, Slacks and Khakis
• Shorts (a few pair)
• Comfortable shoes, socks
• Dressy clothes for a fine dinner
• Any medicine, prescription and over-the-counter, plus extra on hand
• Paper copies of your itinerary, emergency numbers, pertinent information about you
• Book or Nook/Kindle
• Packaged snacks or candy you can’t live without that might be expensive
• Plenty of t-shirts
• Pajamas
• Light sweater/jacket
• Toothbrush, hairbrush
• Chargers, adapters, portable GPS, etc. Some of these items are available at the hotel or through the rental car company.
• Sunglasses, compact umbrella or windbreaker.
• Guidebook or download information to your phone or laptop in advance.
• Sports gear accessories custom-fit for you. Rent the big stuff.
• Bathing suits

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Hawaii has everything you’ll possibly need, so don’t fret if you forget something or simply don’t have the room. Make sure to pack a small bag within your suitcase because you’re certain to want to take home souvenirs and unique products made on the island. Depending on your needs and budget, you might even ship your essentials to avoid checking a bag.