Great Coastal Walks On Maui

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Makena Beach (Big Beach) is a winner among great coastal walks on Maui. Similar to other Hawaiian beaches, this beach naturally rolls into another, Little Beach. Golden hues of sand make a colorful contrast against tri-color blues of the ocean.

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Certainly more remote than Makena is Keawakpu Beach. It’s guaranteed to yield terrific photos and pretty sunsets of soft shades of pink and lilac.

H.A. Baldwin Beach is a local beach that is the essence of movie magic beaches. Boisterous white waves and smooth sand provide idyllic walks.

Honokalani Black Sand Beach at Wai’anapanapa State Park is a lava cliff setting with a fascinating landscape of lava relics—pebbles, lava tubes and sea caves. More black sand is found at Hana Bay. Lava erosion yielded a black sand in Hana Bay, which is a wildly romantic coastal walk, with the Hana Pier in the distance.

Napili Bay Beach is a white sand beach that is gorgeous by day and by dusk. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of a monk seal (make sure to stay clear at least 15 feet away). The water is striking in its blue shades that darken with depth.

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One unique addition to great coastal walks is the adventurous Red Sand Beach (Kaihalulu), along a cliff on the far side of Kauiki Hill. While the island has its share of red sand, it’s quite captivating seeing it in a beach setting with ironwood trees.

Many beaches on Maui are the best for swimming, snorkeling, surfing and more. The great coastal walks on Maui are found throughout the island. Always dress appropriately and enjoy exploring Maui’s scenic landscapes on foot.