Planning a destination wedding in Kauai

Kauai's untouched nature makes it the perfect place for your destination wedding.
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Weddings are all about celebrating love and bringing two families together. Destination weddings achieve these two goals in a way no other type of nuptials can – after all, everyone isn’t just together for the big day in a destination wedding. The days leading up to and following the event are also full of opportunities for everyone to meet up and enjoy one another’s company.

Kauai is the perfect place for you and your loved ones to celebrate together. It’s the oldest and least-developed island in Hawaii, which means it truly feels like paradise. Here are some tips for planning your destination wedding in one of the most gorgeous places on Earth:

Spread the word

Although most couples don’t generally send save the dates until eight months before the ceremony, you should give your guests information about your destination wedding ASAP. Unless most of your guests happen to live in Kauai, they’ll need plenty of time to make their travel plans and request time off work.

It’s also important to let your bridesmaids and groomsmen know you’re having a destination event before you ask them to join – or else formally let them know it’s OK to back out when you do tell them. Even though destination weddings are wonderful and tons of fun, they might not be in everyone’s budget. Letting all of your guests know early on saves anyone from needing to awkwardly decline later on.

Think about weather

“Much of the island sees near-constant sunshine.”

Kauai is blissfully warm, and the trade winds that blow through the island mean it’s always comfortable. Don’t let the fact that Kauai is home to the world’s wettest location deter you – although there are places where it frequently rains, much of the island sees near-constant sunshine. For example, beaches along the south shore of Kauai are almost always sunny and bright. Summer is Kauai’s dry season. If you plan to have your wedding in the winter, there’s a slightly higher chance you’ll experience some showers.

Secure accommodations

When you’re planning a destination wedding, it’s absolutely vital that you secure accommodations for yourself and your guests. Some couples can be a little more relaxed with this step because only a portion of their guests are traveling from out of town. When your entire guest list needs a hotel room, you need to reserve a block.

That said, when it comes to finding a place for you and your future spouse, skip hotels entirely. Instead, look into booking a Kauai beach rental. These vacation condos give you a luxurious experience that’s far more private than a hotel, making them perfect for newlyweds.

Suggest (or book) activities

Because destination weddings generally require a much bigger time commitment for guests than other weddings do, you need to make sure your friends and family have plenty to do. Although they may be able to research these kinds of activities themselves, you can go the extra mile by suggesting – or even booking – group activities for everyone. Consider heading out on a snorkeling tour or ziplining through the forests and valleys. Whether your guests like to kick back or have big adventures, you’ll find something perfect on Kauai.