4 ways to have fun in Maui

Maui's breadth of options makes it a great destination for anyone!
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Maui is the perfect island for families, honeymooners and any traveler who wants to have a great time. No matter where you look, Maui’s reputation rings true – this is one of Hawaii’s most fun islands. The reason it’s such a great destination for nearly anyone is because it has a wide breadth of options. If you come to Maui, you can try all sorts of exciting activities – all in one place! Here’s a look at just a few of the incredible things to do in Maui:

1. Head outdoors

If you like the great outdoors, plan to spend a day away from your Maui vacation rental in some of the island’s parks. On the northwest part of the island, you can explore the West Maui Forest Reserve. Not only is this a generally beautiful park, but it also has a 4.75-mile hiking trail that offers some of the greatest views in the state. In Haleakal National Park, you can see the effects volcanoes have had on the island’s landscape.

Maui's landscape is breathtaking. Maui’s landscape is breathtaking.

Of course, parks aren’t the only way to take advantage of Maui’s landscape – the island has more than 30 miles of beaches for those looking to soak up the sun a bit on their trip. Whether you plan to swim, surf or simply sunbathe, you’ll find the perfect spot to do it.

2. See the wildlife

There are many incredible ways to view Hawaii’s wildlife on Maui, other than simply looking outside your window. One of those ways is by visiting the Waikamoi Preserve. This is a natural sanctuary for a number of different species of Hawaiian plants and animals, including 12 different species of bird. Though these creatures can be found all over the island, the preserve offers ideal conditions for spotting them. Animal enthusiasts are sure to be impressed. Those looking to spot some marine creatures will enjoy a whale-watching tour. During the cooler months of the year, whales make their way to the waters surrounding Hawaii. You might get to spot one yourself!

3. Dive into history

Maui is home to some of the most interesting museums out there, so visitors can take the opportunity to learn more about Hawaii’s history while they travel. For example, you can visit the Whaler’s History Museum. This spot has fascinating exhibits that dive into the history of whaling, and how the industry helped to define the island’s economy for many years. That’s not the only museum that lets you see Maui’s industrial history, however – you can also check out the Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum.

Sugar plantations have been a part of Maui's economy for many years. Sugar plantations have been a part of Maui’s economy for many years.

Here you can learn about how sugar is grown and processed, and how the industry has changed throughout the years. This museum highlights both the marvels of engineering that shaped the sugar trade and the people who defined it – from diving into the lives of plantation workers to exploring the individuals who established the industry. At the end of the tour, you can even pick up some raw sugar to take home with you!