Lahaina’s Front Street Is Fun For All

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Historic Town’s Main Street Provides Something For Everyone

One of the most exciting locations on Maui is Front Street, a bustling and historic oceanfront avenue in the former whaling town of Lahaina.

The many shops and eateries along Front Street provide something for everyone including plenty of arts and crafts stores as well as lots of souvenir shops and many hidden treasures.

Lahaina’s Front Street Highlights

Lahaina Harbor
This former whaling port is now home to many boats that take visitors on whale watching trips, snorkeling expeditions, and tours of Molokai and Lanai.  There are also many charter fishing boats in the harbor, and each day they go in search of delicious fish such as mahimahi (dorado) and ahi (yellowfin tuna).

Pioneer Inn
Rooms are still available for rent in this landmark structure that used to be the town’s only hotel.  A Royal Canadian Mountie built the Pioneer Inn in 1901.  After he tracked a criminal all the way to Lahaina he didn’t want to leave this beautiful town.  He chose the site of the Pioneer Inn for its nice harbor view.

The Banyan Tree
This renowned tree was planted by the Maui Sheriff in 1873 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the first Christian mission in Lahaina.  Concerts and festivals are now held in the shade of this Lahaina landmark.

Lahaina Courthouse
Built in 1859 from coral blocks, this historic building also housed the local prison.  A visitor center is now located in the Lahaina Courthouse, and local artists display their work in the former prison cells.

Wo Hing Temple
This fraternal hall was built by sugar plantation workers from China in the 1800s.  It now displays artifacts of the lives of these early immigrant workers. You can also see movies taken by Thomas Edison in the early 1900s.

Baldwin House
New England missionary Reverend Dwight Baldwin built this now very historic structure in 1834.  Now restored as a museum, the Baldwin House allows visitors to glimpse into the lives of Hawaii’s missionary past.

Hauola Stone
This healing stone, or pohaku, outside of the Lahaina Library is said to be able to bring healing and calmness.

Jodo Mission
This beautiful structure was built to commemorate the 1868 arrival of Japanese immigrant workers in the Hawaiian Islands.  Also notable is the Buddha statue on the grounds of the Jodo Mission—this is the largest Buddha statue outside of Japan.

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