What Are The Benefits Of Booking A Vacation Rental VS A Hotel In Maui?

When it comes to going on a vacation to Maui, choosing the right type of accommodation can be pretty hard considering that it should be affordable, clean, comfortable, has all the amenities, and is at the right location.

If you’re visiting the islands of Hawaii and are trying to decide what to book, you have two options, an amazing vacation rental home and a hotel, and the entire process of choosing can be pretty hard. If you’re travelling alone, going with a hotel is good, but when your family is with you and you are planning to stay in Maui for some time, booking a vacation rental is the best choice as it allows you to do so much more.

To help you out in knowing why it’s more beneficial to book a vacation rental home vs a hotel when visiting Maui, we have written down some of the benefits that you will be getting by going with them:

Here are some benefits of booking a vacation rental over hotel rooms:

Save Money

If you’re visiting Maui with your family, booking a vacation rental home is a no-brainer.

When you go with a vacation rental property, you will be paying for the entire place, not for each room, which can easily accommodate your entire family, but with hotels, you would have to book multiple rooms and they can cost a lot.

Not only that, but the amount of amenities that you will be getting with a vacation rental home plays a huge role too in helping you out in saving money. From extra beds to fans and even cooking stations, you can legit do so many things inside a vacation rental home when compared to hotel rooms.

Way Better Privacy

When you go with a vacation rental home, the amount of privacy you get is outstanding.

From going inside the rooms whenever you want to just getting rid of the annoyance that can be brought by your neighboring rooms and even no one to listen to your convos because of thin walls, vacation rental homes are just way better when it comes to accommodation.

Just make sure that you are going with a vacation rental home that’s safe, is not far away from the city and has all the necessary amenities that you will need throughout your stay in Maui.

You Get More Space

The thing with hotel rooms is that they are extremely small, and with vacation homes, they are mostly furnished houses or apartments and condos making them pretty usable. Not only that, but the amount of space you get for your luggage is extremely small too, and sometimes there’s no space at all for storing them making hotel rooms very annoying, but with vacation homes, you get closets and even extra rooms to store your baggage, making them very convenient.

They Are Convenient

Vacation rental homes are extremely convenient when compared to resort rooms or hotels and the reasons are compelling.

With vacation homes, you get extra beds, extra restrooms, bathrooms, multiple kitchens, multiple rooms, a parking lot, better security, a backyard and even a front yard or a garden, making them perfect for families and groups.
Also, most of the vacation rental homes in Hawaii are pet friendly, so if you’re planning to bring your pet with you to Maui, the chances are pretty high that the home that you would be staying at throughout your trip will allow you to keep your pet, making it convenient for pet owners.

Luxurious Yet Affordable

Vacation rental homes are way better when compared to hotel rooms or resorts when it comes to luxury, considering you get well furnished rooms, better customer service, and can get them personalized. Like what we mentioned before this, most vacation rental homes are pet friendly too, and with special requests, you can have some arrangements done for the pet that you are bringing with you.

Better Comfort

From the extra rooms to the extra bathrooms or restrooms and just having more space, the amount of comfort that you would be getting with vacation rental homes will be way better when compared to resort rooms or hotels.

Before you book a vacation rental home, ensure that you are going with something that would be perfect for you and your family. Double check the amount of rooms and every other thing that you would need throughout your stay there.

Feel At Home

The best thing about vacation rental homes is that they allow you to relax just like you would do in your house.

The feel, the comfort and the freedom that you get inside vacation rental properties are just way better when compared to resorts or hotel rooms, especially if you’re looking for places to stay in Maui for some time.

From the amount of things you can do, which includes smoking around the house to drinking throughout the night, carrying out a party and even bringing your pet with you, everything would feel like you’re still inside your home when you book a vacation rental property.

You Get To Cook Meals

Traveling with a lot of people to Maui can be pretty expensive, and the amount of money that would be spent on the food alone could be staggering, which is why if you’re planning to visit Hawaii in the near future, booking a vacation rental can be an amazing option thanks to the fact that it allows people to cook their own meals.

With vacation rental homes, you can visit local markets, buy fresh ingredients and cook them at the home that you have rented out. This can help you out in saving a lot of money and could also allow you to spend more time with the people that are with you.

Allows You To Blend In With The Locals

Another great thing about vacation rental properties is that they are usually located amongst local properties, allowing you to blend with the locals.

From meeting different people to actually knowing some and making them your friends, the amount of things that you can do once you go with a vacation rental property depends on you.

Just make sure that the property that you’re going with is located in a safe area and you’re not opening your doors to everyone. You should always keep safety your number one priority, especially if you’re traveling with your family.

You Get To Stay In Unique Properties

Depending on where you would be staying, the architecture of the properties vary from one to another, and if you’re visiting Hawaii, the amount of choices that can be presented to you are many. From modern houses to semi-mixed or even cultural properties, vacation rental homes allow you to stay in unique properties, which could make your entire trip more memorable and priceless.

This is why the entire process of choosing a property to stay in for your trip is a priority. Take your time, choose something that can be comfortable and unique so you can make great memories with your loved ones!

Less Travel

Some hotels and resorts are extremely far from the mainland, and that alone could force you to spend a lot more money on availing transportation, but with vacation rental homes, you can eliminate a lot of travel related costs.

When visiting Maui, try to rent out a house that’s in the middle of the island so you could have access to multiple modes of affordable transportation. From public transport to rentable bikes or cars, the more deep you would be in the city, the less traveling you would have to do, and in case you would be required to avail transportation services, the cost to pay won’t be that big.

Kid Friendly

Kids love to play around when they’re on trips, and with hotel rooms, your children would get pretty annoyed because of the amount of space that the rooms offer, but with vacation rental properties, your kids can do whatever they want.

From playing hide and seek to having some privacy or just enjoying the sun and goofing around, vacation rental properties are more kid friendly when compared to hotels or resorts. So if you’re trying to go to Maui in the foreseeable future with your little ones, try to book vacation rental homes to allow your kids to have more fun!

Get Guidance

Most of the time the owners or the manager of a vacation rental property frequently check upon their guests to ensure that everything is fine and is going well for them, and along that they give out guidance or tips to their guests so they could have a great time throughout their stay there.

From personal recommendations to telling them the do’s and don’ts or even personal tours, it all depends on where you’re staying at and how friendly the owner of the place is.

Before you book a trip, try to communicate with the owner and see how friendly they are. Try to get some tips from them ahead and if possible, and ask if they can put brochures and pamphlets inside the property before you arrive.

You Get To Do Your Own Laundry

For a lot of people, doing their own laundry when taking a vacation is not cool, but for families or groups that are traveling together to save money, it’s a gold mine.

The amount of money that you can save by doing your own laundry during your trip to Maui can be a lot, especially if you’re traveling with a lot of people considering that some hotels and resorts charge extra for such services. By doing your own laundry, you can save money and can also ensure that your clothes are clean and are being handled properly.

Safe Car Parking

If you’re planning to rent a car throughout your stay in Maui to save money for transportation related expenses, a vacation rental home can offer safe car parking.

Remember, most homes in Hawaii have parking garages, gates or fences, which can allow you to safely park your vehicle. That alone can help you stay stress-free during your trip there because some areas are known for thefts or vandalism.

Multiple Bathrooms

One thing with hotel rooms is that they only have one bathroom per room, and if you’re staying with someone, especially with your family, that can be extremely annoying and can consume a lot of time, but with vacation rental homes, that won’t be a problem.

Most vacation rental properties have more than 2 bathrooms or restrooms, and if you’re traveling with your family that can be a huge relief. Multiple restrooms remove long waiting periods and can allow everyone to have their own privacy. From showering on time to just using them for personal reasons, everyone can enjoy their own bathroom or restroom with vacation rental properties.

Maintenance And Housekeeping Services Are Included

A lot of vacation rental properties include maintenance and housekeeping services in the price that you pay. Here are some of the services that can be included if you go with vacation rental properties in Maui:

  • In-house cleaning staff
  • Disinfection of doorknobs, handles, toilets and faucet knobs, lightswitches, handrails, remote controls, lock boxes, electronics, thermostats, furniture, kitchen cabinets and refrigerators
  • Hot tubs are cleaned daily
  • Chlorine is used to maintain hygiene
  • Bed sheets are changed frequently (upon request too)
  • Bathroom linens and towels are clean on site (less waiting time)
  • Hand soap, dish soap, lysol wipes and other personal hygiene products are included

Please do note that some off the menu services can be added upon special request.

The Owner Is Your Friend

Owners of vacation rental properties are extremely friendly, and once you engage in conversations with them, they can offer a lot more to you and your family. From adding something to make your stay more enjoyable and memorable to just giving you suggestions, the amount of things that they can do for you depend on who you’re dealing with and what type of person they are, which is why we always suggest tourists to talk with the owner of the property via messages or calls before booking them just so they can have an overview on what they’re like.

You Get To Split The Cost

If you’re traveling with your friends or in a group, the amount of money that you would have to spend on accommodation will be extremely low, considering that you will be splitting the entire cost with other people.

Not only that, but from the house rental, the food that you will be making or even the maintenance and housekeeping, every single thing will be split equally amongst you and the people that are traveling with you when you go with a vacation rental property, making it a great option for those people that are visiting Maui on a budget.

Conclusion – Benefits Of Booking A Vacation Rental VS A Resort/Hotel In Maui

Vacation rental properties allow tourists that are traveling in huge numbers to make the most out of their trip. They surely offer more benefits when compared to resorts or hotel rooms because of how they eliminate problems. The article that we made above will surely give you an overview on why vacation rental homes are more beneficial if you’re traveling in a group or with your family to Hawaii.