Which Hawaiian Island Has The Best Beaches?

Hawaiian Island Best Beaches
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Hawaii is well-known worldwide for its beautiful landscapes and clear waters, making it a popular destination for its stunning beaches. However, with numerous islands to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which one truly has the best shores. This leaves you with the question: “Which Hawaiian Island has the best beaches?” Have the same question in mind? Let’s find out! 

How Many Islands Are There In Hawaii? 

In total, there are over 130 islands in Hawaii, but the eight main islands are: Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Kahoolawe, and the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Each island has its own distinct character and features a variety of beaches. 

Which Hawaiian Island Has The Best Beaches? 

When it comes to the best island with the best beaches in Hawaii, Kauai is a standout island. That’s because of its natural beauty and limited development, allowing it to offer a unique and immersive experience in nature. 

The island is home to some of the most stunning beaches you’ll find on our planet. In the south, you can enjoy excellent snorkeling in clear waters, while in the north, beaches like Anini offer picturesque stretches of golden sand for leisurely strolls.

Here are other beaches in Kauai that you should visit:

  • Kēʻē Beach
  • Hāʻena Beach Park
  • Kalapakī Beach
  • Poʻipū Beach Park 
  • Kekaha Beach

But what makes this island different? 

What sets Kauai apart is its warm and welcoming atmosphere. Tourists are embraced with open arms, experiencing the genuine aloha spirit. Kauai allows visitors to connect with the island’s natural beauty and enjoy a sense of hospitality that is truly special.

So if you’re looking for an island that combines untouched natural beauty, limited development, and a welcoming atmosphere, Kauai should be at the top of your list. 

Believe us, this place is just amazing for those who love beaches! 

Best Things To Do In Kauai

Kauai is often referred to as the Garden Isle and there’s a reason behind it. One is the fact that it’s a paradise that offers a multitude of incredible experiences. 

Here are some of the best things that you can do in Kauai: 


As we said before, Kauai is the best island when it comes to beaches. If you’re planning to visit it, make sure you take your time out and go to Hanalei Bay, a true gem. Its two-mile stretch of golden sand, framed by lush green mountains creates a picture-perfect setting. It’s a favorite spot for surfers due to its excellent waves. Another must-visit is Poipu Beach, where you can swim, snorkel, and even encounter Hawaiian green sea turtles.


If you’re up for an adventure, the Kalalau Trail along the Na Pali Coast is a thrilling option. This trek rewards hikers with views of towering cliffs, hidden beaches, and cascading waterfalls. If you prefer a more leisurely hike, explore the trails in Waimea Canyon State Park, known as the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific.’


Prepare to be amazed by the underwater wonders at Tunnels Beach. With crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and an abundance of marine life, it’s a snorkeler’s paradise. Head to Ke’e Beach for more snorkeling adventures, especially during the calm summer months.

Tourist Destinations

Trying to act like a tourist? You can try indulging yourself in the charming town of Hanapepe, where you’ll find art galleries, unique shops, and a vibrant cultural scene. On Friday evenings, join the Hanapepe Art Night and soak up the local arts and crafts. Also, don’t miss the chance to explore the enchanting Fern Grotto, a natural amphitheater covered in lush ferns. You can reach it by taking a boat tour or kayaking along the serene Wailua River.


No visit to Kauai is complete without tasting the local cuisine. Make sure you are trying traditional Hawaiian dishes. Start with poi, a paste made from taro root, which is a staple of Hawaiian cuisine. You should also consider the tender and flavorful kalua pig, traditionally cooked in an underground oven. Another one to try is the lomi-lomi salmon, a refreshing dish made with cured salmon, tomatoes, and onions. To get the best food, visit local farmers’ markets like the Kauai Community Market or the Hanalei Farmers Market to sample tropical fruits and discover unique varieties like lilikoi (passion fruit). And of course, don’t forget to sip on the delicious Kauai-grown coffee, available at local cafes and coffee farms.

These are the 5 amazing activities that you can do in Hawaii if you’re visiting it for a couple of days! 

Best Hawaiian Island To Live On? 

Determining the best Hawaiian island to live on depends on personal preferences. If you’re moving to Hawaii for work, Oahu offers bustling city life and job opportunities. On the other hand, Maui provides a laid-back lifestyle with stunning natural beauty. Kauai appeals to those seeking a quieter, close-to-nature experience. Big Island offers diverse landscapes and affordable living options. Ultimately, it’s essential to consider factors like climate, cost of living, employment opportunities, and community atmosphere when deciding which island suits your ideal lifestyle.

What’s THe Most Beautiful Hawaiian Island? 

Kauai is considered by many people, including us, as the most beautiful Hawaiian island, mainly due to the fact that it is nearly untouched and has peaceful surroundings. The island’s calm and tranquil ambiance, along with its vibrant green scenery, adds to its allure. Also, Kauai features pristine white sand beaches like Hanalei Bay and Poipu Beach. If not beaches, visitors are also given other options such as the island’s impressive waterfalls, including Wailua Falls and Opaekaa Falls. Another option is the iconic Napali Coastline with its towering cliffs and secluded beaches is another highlight. Additionally, Kauai is home to lush botanical gardens showcasing a variety of tropical plants. 

With its breathtaking beaches, serene atmosphere, and stunning natural wonders, Kauai is truly a beautiful paradise.

Final Thoughts – Hawaiian Island With The Best Beaches

When it comes to determining the Hawaiian island with the best beaches, it’s important to consider personal criteria and budget. Remember, each island offers its own unique beauty and attractions. Whether you prefer the bustling city life of Oahu, the relaxed vibes of Maui, the untouched nature of Kauai, or the diverse landscapes of the Big Island, there is something for everyone.

At the end of the day, the best island with the most beautiful beaches is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Regardless of which island you choose, you can expect to encounter breathtaking beaches and the warm hospitality that Hawaii is renowned for any time on any given day!