4 things to do with kids in Maui

Maui is the perfect destination for families.
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Maui is the perfect destination for families. With beautiful beaches and tons to do, Maui is one of the few places in the world that will that will allow you and your kids to explore unique cultures and picturesque locales in a single trip. If you’re planning your next family trip, consider getting a Maui vacation rental and checking out all that this island paradise has to offer. Here are just four examples of the ways you and your kids can have a great time here:

1. Swim

Maui is full of gorgeous beaches where you and your family can enjoy a dip in the Pacific Ocean. Puamana Park is great for groups, since it has a picnic area and restrooms in addition to the beach itself. If you’re traveling with little ones, consider heading to the Launiupoko Beach Park. This park has a natural swimming pool, so small children can swim without dealing with waves. In fact, these tide pools can be found all over Maui, and they’re a relaxing option. Although swimming in the ocean is a fun experience, there’s something to be said for getting a chance to swim in calmer water. Children who still need floatation devices or who have just learned to swim will be far more comfortable in these pools as well.

2. Surf

Parents and children alike will enjoy learning how to surf on Maui’s beaches. There are plenty of surf schools around the island where you can learn from the experts. Here are a few tips to get you started: Stay on the middle of the board, practice hopping up on your board on dry land, and bend at the knees. Surfing is all about balance, so anything you can do to improve your stability will ensure you have a way better time.

You kids will enjoy learning how to ride the waves. You kids will enjoy learning how to ride the waves.

3. Learn

Kids have a natural desire to soak up information, and Maui has plenty to share. Check out one of the many historical sites around the island to learn more about Hawaii’s culture and past. For a glimpse into Hawaii’s natural history, head to the city of Hana. This area is considered one of the last untouched places in Maui, and your visit will give you the chance to see what Hawaii looked like ages ago. To learn about how Maui’s culture has evolved, head to the Bailey House Museum. This historic home contains an expansive collection of Hawaiian artifacts and an exhibit dedicated to the Hawaiian land snail.

4. See

Although humpback whales live farther north in the Pacific during summer, they migrate south to Maui once the weather starts to turn cold. This means that if you travel to Hawaii in the winter, you can go on a whale watching tour. This is the perfect day trip for families with animal lovers or budding zoologists. Hop on board one of the many whale watching tours that departs from the island, and head out to spot a humpback whale in its natural habitat.