Best Things To Do In The Kohala Coast

Kohala Coast Hawaii
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On the far northwest tip of the Big Island lies the Kohala Coast, a truly diverse and captivating region. Here, you’ll discover many experiences showcasing the island’s natural beauty and cultural richness. It is considered by many as a beautiful place for adventure and relaxation. Kohala Coast offers an unforgettable experience, with its stunning nature and friendly atmosphere. If you’re wondering what’s the best thing to do on this part of the island, keep on reading. 

Visit Waimea Kohala Coast Hawaii – Perfect Paradise on the Big Island

Waimea Kohala Coast Hawaii

Waimea, also known as Kamuela Town, is a must-visit destination on the Big Island of Hawaii, specifically if you’re around the Kohala Coast. This charming town offers a unique blend of rich Hawaiian heritage and picture perfect landscapes. When visiting this town, you want to start your day with a scenic nature walk and embrace the breathtaking views of rolling hills. You should also explore the Paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) culture by visiting local events and learning about their traditions. And don’t miss the chance to indulge in delicious Hawaiian cuisine at cozy cafes and farmer’s markets. 

Chill At The Hapuna Beach

Hapuna Beach


The next one on our list is Hapuna Beach, a true jewel nestled along the breathtaking Kohala Coast. This pristine paradise boasts an expanse of soft, golden sands that stretch gracefully for half a mile, inviting you to immerse yourself in pure bliss. The best part about this beach is its azure waters, which caress the shore, automatically creating the perfect playground for swimming and reveling in the warm Hawaiian sunshine. While planning a visit to this place, make sure you think about your snorkeling gear. This will help you embark on an underwater adventure, allowing you to encounter a wide range of vibrant marine life beneath the surface. 

Wander Through Puukohala Heai

Puukohola Heiau is a sacred site with deep historical and cultural importance on the Kohala Coast Hawaii. Found on a hilltop, this ancient temple invites you to travel back in time and explore the intriguing traditions of the Hawaiian people. With the help of knowledgeable local tour guides, you can wander through the temple’s grounds and gain insight into the spiritual practices that shaped the island’s past. Puukohola Heiau offers a truly enriching experience, connecting you with Hawaii’s cultural heritage in a profound and meaningful way. Don’t miss this remarkable journey of discovery.

Explore Hawi Town

Hawi Town

Hawi Town is a delightful destination that’s filled with fun and exciting activities for all. While exploring this Town, you can learn about its rich history. This Town is located near the birthplace of Hawai’i’s revered king, Kamehameha I. In this town, you can explore vibrant art galleries and savor delicious treats at local restaurants. Another option is to wander through charming streets, exploring unique shops with delightful finds. For adventure seekers, hiking or biking through scenic landscapes and basking in coastal views is a must. Finally, try to engage with the welcoming locals and join in on lively community events, which are frequently carried out throughout the year. 

Explore The Pololu Valley Awini Trail

Pololu Valley Awini Trail

The Pololu Valley Awini Trail is situated in Pololu Valley, offering breathtaking views of lush landscapes and the majestic coastline. During your hike, you can explore a lush paradise and encounter diverse plants and wildlife. Don’t forget to appreciate the dramatic cliffs and cascading waterfalls, showcasing Hawaii’s pristine wilderness. As you descend to the black sand beach below, savor the tranquility of this secluded cove, caressed by the gentle waves of the Pacific Ocean. 

Tip: Capture the essence of this untouched wonder with your camera. It will help you cherish memories! 

Final Thoughts – Best Things To Do In The Kohala Coast

\When exploring the Kohala Coast, remember to prioritize safety and proper planning. Before starting, check the weather and terrain. Wear suitable clothes, apply sunscreen, and stay hydrated in the warm climate. Be cautious during outdoor activities like hiking or snorkeling, considering your abilities and potential risks. Follow marked paths and safety guidelines. If unsure about water activities, seek help from experts. Respect local regulations and preserve natural habitats. Ask local guides for assistance to maximize your enjoyment while staying safe. Thoughtful planning ensures a memorable and secure journey on the Kohala Coast.

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