An Adventurer’s Tour of Kauai

Kauai is the ideal island for someone looking to have an active, adventurous vacation. There are tons of things to do on Hawaii’s fourth largest island. Kauai is actually known as “the Garden Isle” because of it’s rich plant life and gorgeous landscapes. This, coupled with the mountains, valleys and rivers that naturally occur on volcanic islands makes Kauai an adventurer’s dream.

Start planning your trip to this island by checking out Kauai beach rentals. When you come back to rest after a long day of exploring, you can take a stroll in the sand and settle down listening to the sound of the waves. Once you’re here, you can visit one of these exciting attractions:

Zip Lining

If you’ve never gone zip lining before, make some time to try it on your trip to Kauai. The Skyline Kauai Course by Skyline Eco Adventures is a thrilling way to take in the sights. You can chose from a five-line or an eight-line course, both of which have you zooming through the air far above the tree tops and over valleys. Some of the lines have you gently ease your way off the platform, where others require a daring jump into the air. Although this may require a little bravery, the tours have strict safety procedures that make the risk of injury almost nonexistent. 

The lines are of varying lengths and intensities, which means you’ll have a different experience on each line. The greatest part, however, is watching the stunning views rush past beneath you. 


Kayaking lets you get up close and personal with some of Kauai’s most interesting places without much of an impact on the environment. The Kauai Kayak Tours with Ali’i Kayak and Watersports takes you to a secret waterfall and gives you the chance to experience Kauai’s natural beauty. The tours goes through the Wailua River Valley – the river has a steady flow that’s easy for people of all skill levels to handle. This tour also includes a moderate hike, which takes you even deeper into the valley. Make sure you wear water-friendly shoes – tennis shoes and flip flops are not permitted. 


Kauai Back Door Adventures gives you the chance to ride a lazy river right in the middle of nature. Hop into an inner tube and float down this gently flowing man-made canal. This isn’t your local water park’s tubing ride – this tour takes you through some of the most beautiful parts of Kauai’s forests. In addition, you’ll experience plenty of flumes and tunnels engineered to give the tour a little extra exhilaration. When you arrive at the destination, you’ll find a beautiful picnic area and a natural swimming hole. 


There are hiking trails to suit all skill levels and expectations scattered throughout this island. Beginners should check out the Maha’ulepu Trail. This trail twists along one of the island’s undeveloped coastlines, which means you’ll get to see the island as it has existed for thousands of years. If you’re looking for a slight challenge, the Nounou Mountain Trail will take you up to the peak of the mountain, and it offers absolutely incredible views of the island below. Experienced hikers will enjoy the Hanakapi`ai Trail. This trail is challenging, with loose rocks beneath and trail conditions dependent on the weather. This trip will prove to be  well worth it when it takes you through a valley and to a beautiful waterfall. Serious adventurers should consider the Kalalau Trail – an 11-mile hike through treacherous terrain that brings you to some of Kauai’s most secluded locations. This is a truly difficult tour, and it should not be attempted by the inexperienced. 


In Kauai, you don’t have to limit your exploring to what you can reach on land. Heading out on a snorkeling tour will let you learn about Hawaii’s reefs and the creatures who live there. For a small-group tour, check out the Kauai Sea Rider Adventures tours. You can chose from a number of tours that include guided snorkeling experiences, with different levels of privacy. From December to April, you can also enjoy its whale watching tour. Learn about humpback whales as you view them in their natural habitat.