So You Want To Move To Hawaii! Here are Some Tips!

If you are considering moving to the Hawaiian Islands you probably have lots of questions. Where will you live? What should you bring? What about transportation, rentals, pets?

This article will go over some of the main things you need to consider.

Where To Live

Where to live depends largely on your reasons for moving to Hawaii. If you want a high paying job then you probably should move to Oahu. Do you want to surf big waves, then you will probably choose one of the northern shores.

Do you want to live in a rainforest – maybe you should check out Volcano on the Big Island. If you like remote coastal areas you should visit Hāna, Maui and see if it is your cup of tea.

After you have thought about the type of place you want to live and what your requirements are, then visit a few different islands and get a sense of what each area is like.

While you are searching for the best placer to live you might want to rent a temporary place just to have a base camp from which you can do your research. For the best places to stay in the Islands, and at the most reasonable prices, see Hawaiian Beach Rentals.

You may also want to check out job listings online and in local papers to get a sense of the opportunities available in particular areas. Also do some research on cost of living and see what stores are near the area where you are considering.

Some very beautiful but remote areas may have only a few stores and they are very expensive. Home prices and rental prices may also be high near larger cities such as Honolulu, though if you can can shop at a Costco, Wal-Mart, or other discount store it will help you control your costs.

What To Bring

When you move to Hawaii don’t bring too many personal belongings. Many of the things you may have needed on the mainland, or wherever else you are moving from, may not be needed in the Islands where the lifestyle is generally much simpler.

Clothing needs are also less in the Islands. Most people just wear short pants and a light shirt most of the time.

If you rent a place that is furnished, it may also be equipped with pots and pans and kitchen needs so you won’t need to bring these items. You may wish to mail some of your belongings to Hawaii via parcel post, and these boxes will take about three to five weeks to arrive.

Don’t forget to bring your personal documents with you. When you travel keep them on your person or in your carry-on luggage. It is best to get a Hawaii Driver’s License as soon as possible after you arrive, as this may also help you get locals-only deals on various things.


You may want to ship your car here to avoid the hassle of having to find a good one. Another good reason to ship a car is that cars rust easily and quickly in the Islands, so bringing a car from the mainland can at least give you a fresh start. If you rust proof your vehicle and keep it clean you can prevent the rust from taking hold.

Shipping an average car cost about $1,000. Check the prices and requirements online at

You can also get around using public transportation (the city bus) on most parts of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii Island (the Big Island).

You can view bus routes online:

Oahu at

Maui at the County of Maui website

Kauai at the County of Kauai website

Big Island at the County of Hawaii website.

Taxi service is also available on all of the Hawaiian Islands including Lānai and Molokai.


Another concern when you are moving to the Hawaiian Islands is bringing your pet with you. Because Hawaii has strict laws regarding the importation of pets, research this process well in advance – four to five months – so your animal can avoid a lengthy quarantine.

Investigate Hawaii’s Animal Quarantine Information so you can follow all of the proper steps.

Renting or Buying a Home or Apartment

Renting a place to stay can range anywhere from about $500 a month for a small studio to $2,000 a month or more for an average house. Prices have come down a lot in the last two years as the economy has seen a general downturn.

If you are looking to buy a home, this is a good time since there are historically low interest rates available and even an $8,000 government tax credit. Home prices in Hawaii have been dropping steadily and may be reaching a bottom, making this a perfect time to buy.

The best website to use when searching online for real estate is because it is backed up by a respected team of real estate professionals in partnership with a local marketing firm that prides itself on customers service.

Those are some general tips that will help you prepare for your move to the Hawaiian Islands. Don’t forget that the best places to stay in the Islands, and at the most reasonable prices, can be found at Hawaiian Beach Rentals.