Top 50 Beaches on Oahu

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Oahu is famous for a lot of things—great night life, world-class dining and resorts, and some of the best outdoor adventures of all the islands. The beaches, however, are what keep the visitors coming back for more, and Oahu has plenty of them. From secluded beaches to touristy beaches to beaches perfect for catching a wave or two, Oahu is sure to satisfy any type of personality. With so many to choose from, we created a list of our Top 3 beaches to help narrow down the search:

  1. Waimea Bay Beach Park: Waimea Bay is known for its sparkling, turquoise waters, expansive sandy shore, and lack of submerged rocks and reefs. This beach is perfect for sunbathing and swimming!
  2. Rocky Point: This beach is perfect for surfers and spectators alike, as you will find professional surfers flocking here all winter. Rocky Point is home to perfect waves during the winter months, and a more calm atmosphere during the summer.
  3. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve: Hanauma Bay is located near Honolulu and is a nature must-see. Its protected waters mean high fish populations and unparalleled snorkeling opportunities.

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