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About Aliomanu Vacation Rentals

Our Aliomanu vacation rentals enjoy the sunny weather of Kauai's eastern shore and a central location from which you can easily drive to the lush and verdant north shore or head south to the larger towns and resorts. Or just enjoy the beautiful east side beaches!

Things To Do
The scenic coastline in the Aliomanu area is great for beachcombing with some nice swimming areas. It's just a few minutes drive down to Anahola Beach Park which provides a well-protected area that is usually great for kids unless the surf is too large. Head down to Aliomanu Beach for a great morning walk. You may see some local fishermen throwing their nets or gathering limu (seaweed) just offshore.

Just a short drive north is Kilauea town where you can visit the historic Kilauea Lighthouse and see the many nesting seabirds, or further on to Princeville Resort and the crescent-shaped Hanalei Bay which is a mecca of watersports from surfing and bodyboarding to stand up paddleboarding. Beyond Hanalei are more great beaches and the famed Na Pali Coast.

Eat and Shop
A 10-minute drive north brings you to Kilauea town where there are a variety of nice restaurants as well as health food stores and a convenience store. You can also find great dining and evening entertainment at the Princeville Shopping Center restaurants, the Princeville Resort hotels, and just down the hill from Princeville in Hanalei town.

More great dining and shopping can be found to the south of Aliomanu in Kapaa town there are dozens of restaurants, boutique shops and two large supermarkets.

For exceptional Japanese food try Kintaro, a family-run establishment and long-time local favorite restaurant for kids as well as adults. Kintaro's impressive sushi bar, tasteful decor, air conditioning and soft, Japanese music create a relaxed atmosphere. They offer the finest fresh Island fish cooked to be tender and juicy perfection, or enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth thin slices of sashimi. Make sure to try Kintaro's signature crispy fried won tons which are made in the owner's shop next door.

Getting Around
A rental car is recommended when staying in our Aliomanu vacation rentals so you can explore the nearby beaches and towns as well as the scenic north shore, Poipu Resort and Waimea Canyon.

A Bit of History Enriches your Aliomanu Vacation
When you first step foot in your Kauai vacation property, its not uncommon to feel like youve been transported to another place and time. Things slow down and everything seems a little simpler. You relax for a bit, but eventually youve got to return to your regular life and leave behind the sandy beaches and golden sun of Hawaii. While this certainly sounds nice, a vacation can be so much more enriching when you can bring something back with you. No, not a souvenir, but rather a little slice of the history of your vacation destination.
If you stay along the small piece of land along Aliomanu Bay, youll get a great feel for the beauty of Kauai. But do you know how Aliomanu came about? In ancient times, each Hawaiian island, or mokupuni was divided by the king into smaller parts. The largest of these parts were called moku, which were usually wedge-shaped slices that ran from the mountain crest to shore.
Each of these moku were then subdivided into smaller sections. These sections were called ahupuaa. Aliomanu, for example is an ahupuaa in the moku of Kawaihau. Aliomanu was divided in such a way that the community had everything it needed. There would be enough agricultural output, enough shoreline and ocean waters, and enough natural resources to sustain the people that lived there. This gave the ahupuaa a great sense of community, as every person realized that they had a small yet important role in keeping Aliomanu strong.
Knowing this sort of history may not seem like it would make staying in your Kauai beachfront rental along the shores of Aliomanu any better, but for some reason it does. Knowing more about where youre staying will help you feel connected with your surroundings, and give you an appreciation of what came before you.
It will also give you something to tell your friends when they ask you how your vacation was. It can be these little historical nuggets that help you tell the story of your vacation and give some insight and context into the area you stayed in. Your pictures of the beautiful Aliomanu sunsets and beaches will help tell that story too, but theyre only one part of the equation. Your Aliomanu vacation will truly come to live if you take the time to learn a little more about the history of the land your Kauai rental rests on.
Quiet, Relaxing Nightlife is the Norm in Aliomanu
The nightlife in the tiny community of Aliomanu, like most of Kauai, is pretty quiet. That doesnt mean, however, that its not interesting. For many vacationers, in fact, the best thing to do at night is to make your favorite beverage, then walk outside of your Kauai beach rental into the evening air. You can sit and watch the sunset, dangle your feet in the pool, or listen to the gentle tide of the Pacific Ocean as it rolls in towards shore. Too often we associate nightlife with singles bars, dancing, and staying out until all hours. Sure, those things can be fun too, but in Aliomanu, things go a bit slower.
If you do want to get out, you can rent a car and leave your Kauai vacation property for the evening. There are all sorts of places you might go, but a good bet would be the Coconut Coast. Tucked along the eastern coast of Kauai, the Coconut Coast is home to some of Kauais most unique restaurants.
Why not try something different and head over to the Blossoming Lotus? This restaurant has vegan meals that you can indulge in while feeling good about. The restaurant believes in supporting local Kauai farmers, so you know youre helping out the community. And the food is not only healthy, but delicious, too.
If youre only looking for a snack or something to take back to Aliomanu, you can go to the Lotus Root, Blossoming Lotus next door alter ego. Here you can get organic lunches to go, or choose from a delicious bakery selection. If youre just looking for a drink, the Lotus Root also makes smoothies and all kinds of herbal teas. Kauai truly is blessed to have this healthy wonder in its midst.
At night, the Lotus Blossom hosts special events including live music. If youre staying in Aliomanu, perhaps your stay will coincide with one of your favorite artists or types of music. In Kauai, you never know what might happen!
Of course, you may just want to stay in Aliomanu in the evening, reading a good book while sitting on a lounge chair. Thats perfectly fine, too. Nobody would blame you for wanting to hang round the Kauai vacation rental youve booked for the week. And early to bed isnt so bad, either. There is something to be said to taking it easy at night so you can be sure to have a lot of energy to enjoy the beautiful Kauai days!
When Packing for Aliomanu, Bring the Sunscreen
If youve ever done any traveling, youve seen families lugging their massive bags around the airport. Sometimes theyll have a large carry-on bag and two big suitcases apiece, and you wonder to yourself if theyre leaving any of their clothes at home or if theyre bringing them all. Most of the time, when you get to your destination you realize that you didnt need half of the things you brought, and all you did by bringing them was make your bags heavier.
Of course, sometimes you simply have to get some traveling experience before you know what to bring and what to leave at home. Thats why if you rent a Kauai vacation property and stay near Aliomanu, it helps to hear from seasoned travelers what to bring and what to leave at home.
While what you pack certainly depends on what youre going to do what you get to Kauai, for the most part Aliomanu the basics of what youll want to bring are the same. Youll find that Aliomanu is pretty laid back. And you likely wont be coming to Hawaii without wanting to get some sun. So leave anything too formal at home. Chances are you wont be going out to a fancy restaurant, but if you do youll find that the level of expected dress is usually a notch down from what youd expect.
But lets be honesta big reason youre coming to stay in your Kauai beachfront condo is to soak in the golden rays of the Aliomanu sun. Youll need your swimsuit for certain. One-piece or two-piece, it doesnt matter. Just wear whats comfortable for you and youll be fine. You may want to bring an extra suit as well, so you always have a dry suit to put on.
While the Aliomanu sun feels nourishing, it can also be dangerous if you arent prepared. Make sure you bring ample amounts of sunscreen, or purchase what you need when you arrive in Kauai. Many a vacation has been ruined by vacationers exposing their skin too fast and too long to the sun. Vacations arent fun if you get sun stroke and have to spend the rest of the time inside applying aloe to your red, burned skin. So before you leave your Kauai rental, make sure to lather on the sunscreen. You may also want to cover some of your skin with a wrap, wear a sun hat, and put on sunglasses. As long as youre smart with what you bring and use, youll find your Aliomanu vacation to be a pleasant one!
Aliomanu Culture is All About Living Off the Ocean
Its been said that people are a product of their environment. Nowhere is this truer than on the sandy beaches of Aliomanu Bay. Found on the northeastern shore of the Hawaiian island of Kauai, Aliomanu is a hidden jewel, tucked away off on its own. For those who know it exists, it can bring life-giving sustenance. For those who are simply visiting in a Kauai beachfront property, its a look inside a culture that lives off the ocean.
When you think about it, it makes senses that someone living on the shore of a massive ocean would find what they need from those beautiful azure waters. In Aliomanu, many inhabitants do this by simply plopping a pole in the water and seeing what they can catch. Commercial fishing boats troll the waters, but that doesnt mean there arent any fish left for the Aliomanu fishermen and women.
If you decide to use part of your vacation to try your hand at fishing, you might want to ask the advice of the locals. Theyre a wealth of knowledge about what kind of bait and lures work the best, where the hotspots are, and what types of fish are edible. Youll find that most of what you can catch you can eat, but there are a couple of species to look out for. And youll want to eat what you catch. Most of the fish you can catch are delicious, but if youre not hungry you can always offer the fish to someone else. Otherwise, youre just taking a fish out of the ocean that someone else could have caught.
Aliomanu can also be a haven for other types of edible sea life. There are octopus roaming the water and some have luck finding crabs on the beach or by casting a crab net. Either way, its worth it to come down from your Kauai rental and see whats happening on the beach. Talk to the localsyoull learn a lot.
You may even see people harvesting limu, an edible seaweed. Limu, along with sea salt, have been used for years to season Hawaiian food. Its medicinal properties are legendary, which may have something to do with its popularity. Of course, there are regulations around fishing, limu harvesting, and catching other ocean life. Make sure you respect the local laws when youre getting a flavor for the local culture.

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