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Big Island Things To Do

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  • Hilo thingtodo: Mokupapapa Discovery Center

    Mokupapapa Discovery Center

    Hilo, Big Island
    In order to educate the public about the remote portion of the Hawaiian Islands known as the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, the Mokuppapa Discovery Center was founded in 1983, and based in Hilo, Hawaii. The mission of the center is... Read more
  • Waikoloa thingtodo: Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours

    Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours

    Waikoloa, Big Island
    Imagine a limousine in the sky with an expert chauffeur bringing you the finest views possible of the paradise you have traveled all this way to see. Truly a "bucket list" life-affirming opportunity, everything about a helicopter flight above... Read more
  • Captain Cook thingtodo: The South Kona Green Market

    The South Kona Green Market

    Captain Cook, Big Island
    Each region of the island has a market during the week to allow the farmers of Big Island to share their labors directly with the residents and visitors alike. South Kona's Green Market is a great west Hawaii source for a great variety of... Read more
  • Captain Cook thingtodo: Tour the Hives at the Big Island Bees Company

    Tour the Hives at the Big Island Bees Company

    Captain Cook, Big Island
    Meeting honeybees safely and up close is an extraordinary experience for just about anyone, but now on the Big Island of Hawaii you can have a free tour of the world of bees while on your vacation. The Big Island Bees Company is a family owned... Read more
  • Kona thingtodo: Night diving with Manta Rays

    Night diving with Manta Rays

    Kona, Big Island
    This activity brings light to the nighttime ocean illuminating a world few ever see. As you float on the waters surface as a group, the undersea world yields mantas out of the shadows on the hunt for plankton gathered in the light shining down... Read more
  • Volcano thingtodo: Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park

    Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park

    Volcano, Big Island
    The rare opportunity to witness and explore the volcanic evolution of the Hawaiian Islands awaits the visitor willing to make the trek to Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. Within the park you will find the world's longest active and continuing... Read more
  • Hilo thingtodo: Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Garden

    Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Garden

    Hilo, Big Island
    When people imagine Hawaii, this is what they picture, says the master gardener giving me a ride to the Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Garden. Looking around as we descend toward the oceanfront through a tapestry of lush flowering foliage, it does... Read more
  • Hilo thingtodo: Hilo Farmer's Market

    Hilo Farmer's Market

    Hilo, Big Island
    One of the supreme bonuses of the abundance of agricultural lands on Hawaii Island is the variety of locally grown fresh-harvested produce, flowers, and other natural products such as honey. The eastern region of the island has a large market... Read more
  • Volcano thingtodo: Thomas A Jaggar Museum

    Thomas A Jaggar Museum

    Volcano, Big Island
    It is rare to have the opportunity to see volcanic science live and in person, however at the Thomas A. Jaggar Museum this rarified access to the volcano observatory and the tools of volcanic science mix with the live action eruptive display of... Read more
  • Kona thingtodo: Mountain Thunder Coffee Company

    Mountain Thunder Coffee Company

    Kona, Big Island
    The coffee from Kona Hawaii has made a name for itself internationally based on its rich flavor and high concentration of caffeine in the bean. Amongst producers of Kona coffee a unique local brand stands above the rest literally. At 3,200 feet... Read more