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  • Hanalei beach: Pine Trees aka Waioli County Beach Park

    Pine Trees aka Waioli County Beach Park

    Hanalei, Kauai
    This is a popular spot amongst the local surfers of Hanalei Bay. On any given day a steady flow of surf connoisseurs arrive and begin scanning the horizon for waves.  The vantage point from the beach here allows great viewing for several of... Read more
  • Kilauea beach: Larsen's Beach

    Larsen's Beach

    Kilauea, Kauai
    A jewel of a beach, "Larsen's" is only accessible by a of a mile trail that winds through lowland coastal forest delivering you to oceanfront paradise like a modern day cast-away. An outer reef breaks up big surf, creating smaller waves that... Read more
  • Waimea beach: Kekaha Beach Park aka MacArthur Park

    Kekaha Beach Park aka MacArthur Park

    Waimea, Kauai
    This beach park is the furthest western facing county lifeguard post on Kauai.The soft fine sands of this beach are easy to reach, and an infinite blue ocean view reveals the distant island of Ni'ihau appearing as a sliver on the horizon. This a... Read more
  • Hanalei beach: Hanalei Pavilion Beach Park

    Hanalei Pavilion Beach Park

    Hanalei, Kauai
    This centrally located park in Hanalei town is home to a lifeguarded wide-open and sandy stretch of beach with a grassy park and picnic grounds.  Dueling panoramic views of Makahoa Point to the left, and Pu'u Poa Point to the right of the... Read more
  • Kilauea beach: Secret Beach aka Kauapea

    Secret Beach aka Kauapea

    Kilauea, Kauai
    A legendary North Shore Kaua'i destination, Kauapea is commonly referred to as "Secret Beach" because for a longtime as the public access trail was a hidden and not well known. The secret is out these days and visiting this remote beach is... Read more
  • Poipu beach: Poipu Beach Park and Brennecke's Beach

    Poipu Beach Park and Brennecke's Beach

    Poipu, Kauai
    This expansive county beach park in the Po'ipu area is the perfect destination for calm ocean conditions and a relaxing beach day. Nearly five and a half acres of grassy lawns  with a kids playground, coconut trees, ample shade, and picnic... Read more
  • Haena beach: Ke'e Beach at Haena State Park

    Ke'e Beach at Haena State Park

    Haena, Kauai
    Upon reaching the "end of the road" at Ke'e Beach, nature takes center stage. Jagged stone cliffs tower overhead, with lush jungle vines wrapping the trees, and layer upon layer of greenery carpet the landscape. The famed Na Pali Coast... Read more
  • Anini beach: Anini Beach Park

    Anini Beach Park

    Anini, Kauai
    Anini is the largest and most expansive county beach park on the North Shore of Kauai with 12.5 acres of land stretching along tranquil ocean.  When other North Shore beaches are too dangerous to swim, Anini is the perfect destination for... Read more
  • Kapaa beach: Lydgate Park and Beach

    Lydgate Park and Beach

    Kapaa, Kauai
    Lydgate is the largest and most expansive park on the East Shore of Kauai and the perfect destination for vacation recreation. The soft sandy beach at Lydgate Park fronts a set of 2.6  acre ocean pools that are lifeguarded and protected... Read more
  • Anahola beach: Anahola Beach Park

    Anahola Beach Park

    Anahola, Kauai
    Along the ocean in the sleepy town of Anahola, sits a lesser-known North Shore beach park with a protected swimming cove and scenic view of the Bay. Lose the resort crowds here for the day, or simply make this a stop on the way to points... Read more