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  • Kaanapali beach: Ka'anapali Beach

    Ka'anapali Beach

    Kaanapali, Maui
    The largest and longest resort area beach on island, Maui's Ka'anapali region is famous for its beautiful azure seas and soft light sand. Each resort is a world unto itself, each offering visitors many options for activities and refreshments all... Read more
  • Maalaea beach: Haycraft Beach Park

    Haycraft Beach Park

    Maalaea, Maui
    Haycraft is a little-known county beach park at the end of the strip of condominiums and vacation rentals east of Ma'alaea harbor. It provides natural shade and windbreak shelter, and has several picnic tables, fresh-water shower and portable... Read more
  • Kihei beach: Charley Young Beach

    Charley Young Beach

    Kihei, Maui
    A local favorite, this beach is the more quiet end of "Kamaole I" but feels much more remote, due to its being two blocks from busy South Kihei road. Ironwood trees lining this end of the beach provide some rare Kihei beach shade, and the sand... Read more
  • Kapalua beach: DT Fleming Beach Park

    DT Fleming Beach Park

    Kapalua, Maui
    A truly stunning beach awaits you if you seek out this park. Flemings Beach has been listed on many top-ten beaches of the world lists, and for good reasons. The water is a rich aqua blue color due to its abundant sandy bottom, and the bay has... Read more
  • Lahaina beach: Launiupoko Beach park

    Launiupoko Beach park

    Lahaina, Maui
    A water sports playground meets picnic in paradise, this is Maui's premiere West Side ocean park nestled just a mile south outside of the town of Lahaina. Easily found off route 30, this county park with great facilities is popular with locals... Read more
  • Hana beach: Hamoa Beach

    Hamoa Beach

    Hana, Maui
    Just outside of Maui's eastern-most little town of Hana there is an exquisite beach called Hamoa. This stunning expanse of sand surrounded by verdant hills and black cliffs is so picturesque, it has made several top-ten lists for world's most... Read more
  • Paia beach: Baldwin Beach

    Baldwin Beach

    Paia, Maui
    H A Baldwin beach park is the perfect example of mixed-use island-style beach park on Maui's north shore. There is a long white sand beach that stretches nearly 3/4 of a mile and provides a great walking opportunity of a rare hotel-less... Read more
  • Wailea beach: Ulua and Mokapu Beach Parks

    Ulua and Mokapu Beach Parks

    Wailea, Maui
    One of the best sport to snorkel, dive, or swim on the south side!! Ulua Beack/Mokapu Beach Park complex is comprised of two nice stretches of white sand separated by a bridge of rocks jutting out to sea about 100 yards. Ulua Beach is found on... Read more
  • Hana beach: Wai'anapanapa State Park

    Wai'anapanapa State Park

    Hana, Maui
    Wai'anapanapa State Park, Hana Pronounced as "why-a-napa-napa" which means "glistening waters", this is Maui's one-of-a-kind "black sand" beach and a must-see for any Hana visitor. The jet-black lava rock that permeates the landscape is a... Read more
  • Paia beach: Tavares Beach

    Tavares Beach

    Paia, Maui
    Also known as Ku'au Bay, this 100-yard-long white sand beach is located just outside of Paia, a half-mile from the center of town. It has great views, soft sand, and gentle near-shore surf. A protective outer reef break reduces the amount of... Read more