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Our Anahola vacation rentals are ideally situated on Kauai's eastern shore with ideal weather, great beaches and central access to both the south and north shores. The scenic Anahola mountains tower over the town is the famed peak known as "Kong" because the profile bears an uncanny likeness to the great fictional ape. Look just to the right of the peak and see if you can find the hole through the mountain which is famous in Hawaiian lore.

Things To Do
Anahola Beach Park is a nice family beach when the surf is not too large as the coral reef offshore provides some protection from the open ocean. The beach park is located on the south side of Anahola Bay which is a wide bay with a spacious sandy beach. The waters here offer some great snorkeling and scuba diving. To get to the beach turn at mile marker #13 and drive about one-half mile.

Head north from Anahola for a string of great beaches from the idyllic Secret Beach in Kilauea with views of the historic lighthouse, to a string of spectacular beaches along the north shore including Hanalei Bay, Lumahai, Tunnels (Makua) and Kee Beach, each of which has been listed among the nation's best beaches. This whole region is backed by lush mountains often draped with waterfalls making a picturesque backdrop to the white sand and crystal blue waters.

Eat and Shop
There are a few stores in Anahola alongside the highway at the foot of the mountain. Here you can grab an Ono burger (ono means tasty) from Duane's Ono Burger (a local landmark) or purchase some food at the convenience store. There is also a post office, and across the street are a variety of craft stands at the Baptist church.

Anahola has an old Hawaii feel and you will often see local style roadside stands where you can get a fresh-picked flower leis or some fresh-caught fish. Keep an eye out for the pork lau lau and huli huli chicken sales for school fundraisers.

For more shopping and dining options you can head north to Kilauea town or south to Kapaa, both of which offer a variety of restaurants and interesting shops to browse.

Getting Around
A rental car is suggested if you are staying at one of our Anahola vacation rentals. It's only about a ten minute drive to Kapaa and about 20 minutes to the north shore

A Lot of History Packed in the Small Village of Anahola
For a community of around two thousand people, Anahola has a rich and varied history. Anahola is located on the northeast coast of the Hawaiian island of Kauai. This is known as the Coconut Coast, for the coconut trees that line the shore. In Anahola youll find a nice beach, outdoor activities, several good restaurants, and a laid back community. You can also rent a nice Kauai vacation property for the week and take in all that Anahola has to offer.
If you do rent a property in Anahola, make sure you get a tour of the Anahola Mountains. Youll fall in love with the beautiful terrain filled with lush green trees, but the mountains will also be familiar to you. Youll get the feeling that youve seen these mountains somewhere before, but you cant place where. After all, youve never been to Anahola before. And then it will hit you that these are the same mountains you saw in the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. There arent many movies bigger than that, and youll be able to say you saw the Anahola Mountains where it was shot. In fact, Kauai has been home to many movies over the years!
Anahola is by no means a large community, and like the rest of Kauai it was propped up by the sugar industry. The island is fertile ground for both sugar cane and various varieties of fruit. The sugar mills, however, brought much prosperity to the island, including Anahola. But today, Anaholas main industryand the main industry of Kauai, is tourism. And why not? Anahola is such a beautiful placewhy wouldnt people come from all over the world to bask on its beaches and drive around its beautiful countryside.
Sadly, Anahola does have some tragic history as well. Kauai in general is a very rainy place, and large storms have been known to cause significant damage and flooding. Such a storm hit Anahola on December 14, 1991. Twenty inches of rain fell over the course of 12 hours, causing five deaths. In addition to the flooding, there were bank failures and slides. All told, the Anahola storm caused $5 million in damage.
Thankfully, storms like this are rare in Anahola. For those who rent Kauai beach properties, beautiful weather is the norm. The storm is a part of Anaholas history, however, and will live on with the communitys members for a long time.
Anahola: Home to Kauais Best Burger?
For tourists and locals alike, theres one place in Anahola that you dont want to miss on a trip to this small coastal city. You would think it might be the beach, but youd be wrong. No, if you come to Anahola, you must make sure to stop by Duanes Ono-Char Burger.
Though you might be tempted to never leave the comfort of your Kauai rental property, hopping in a car and driving to Anahola is worth the time and effort. Along the Kuhio Highway youll come across an unassuming red shack. You might notice long lines of Anahola locals and tourists. Those would be lines to order the various combinations of burgers and sides Duanes is famous for.
Ordering a burger from Duanes is an experience unto itself. Anahola locals have the process down, choosing from the various types of buns and toppings with ease. But for those new to Anahola, its a little daunting. Be sure to stand behind the little wall by the counter if you dont know what you want. That way someone who makes Anahola their home can quickly order their teriyaki and mushroom burger while you decide if you want avocado, sprouts, or both. And they even make meatless burgers for the vegetarian traveler.
But Duanes in Anahola isnt only known for their burgers. The onion rings (seasoned with Duanes special seasoning salt) are a big hit, as are the marionberry shakes. The food will be welcome if you spend all day playing on Anahola Beach, or if youre just looking for a good meal.
But get to Anahola early, because Duanes gets busy! Lines are longest around lunchtime and dinnertime, so you may want to avoid those times if you dont like waiting. Another option is phoning your order in and picking it up.
Another decision is where to eat your food. If your Kauai vacation property is in Anahola, maybe you want to bring it back and eat it in the comfort of your own space. You could even sit outside while the sun sets, taking in the warm Anahola breeze while munching on your burger topped with pineapple and lettuce.
If youre staying outside of Anahola, Duanes does have outside seating, but beware of the chickens and roosters running about! You can feed them if you like, but they may not leave you alone. If thats not your thing, you can take your burger down to the beach. Whatever you do, make sure to visit Duanes when you come to Anahola!
Plan Ahead When Packing for Your Anahola Adventure
When you go on vacation to Anahola, the last thing you should be thinking about is work. Thats what youre supposed to leave behind. And after youve made all the arrangements of booking the Kauai beach rental, getting a rental car reserved, and asking your friends to house sit, youd rather just leave for Anahola and not have to think about another thing.
But stop for a second and ponder what would happen if you didnt make a good plan for what youre going to take on your trip. What important things would you forget? What would you have to make a special trip to buy once you got to Anahola? What might you take that you wouldnt need? Making a list ahead of time might be the best decision you made on your whole Anahola adventure.
What sort of things do you need to put on your packing list? Well, of course the essentials youll need to get to Anahola. Things like your luggage, plane tickets, passport or identification, and any documentation are all pretty important. Put these items at the top of your Anahola list and check them off first.
Then, move on to things that are important to bring and you wouldnt be able to get in Anahola very easily, if at all. These would be things like medications you are taking, comfort items for the kids, and specific items like a book that you want to read. Add these to your list in a second section.
Next, you can move on to the things that are really important but you could replace in Anahola if necessary. Visualize what youll be doing each day and think about the things youll need. If youre going to Anahola Beach, try and think about what youll wear while swimming, what youll need after you get out of the water, and what youll want to wear on the drive back to your Kauai rental property. Once you think this way, everything else on your Anahola packing list will fall into line.
If visualizing doesnt work for you, whatever you do, dont forget your swimsuit, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Its going to be sunny in Anahola, and youre going to want to have protection.
Youll also find that you will be able to buy things like toiletries in Anahola and surrounding cities. However, do you really want to spend your vacation buying toothpaste and deodorant? Do yourself a favor and start your Anahola vacation off the right wayby making a list!
Anahola Beach Park Offers Beautiful View of the Pacific
So youve made it to your Kauai rental property, unpacked your suitcases, and settled in. Youre staying in Anahola and have got the whole day to yourself. What do you do? Since youre staying in Kauai, there are all sorts of options. Do you spend the day in Anahola and grab a bite to eat at one of the restaurants? Sure, that would be nice, but what about a day at Anahola Beach Park?
No matter what youre looking for, Anahola Beach Park has it. If youre with your family and need some shade for the kids, youll find a treeline near the back of the beach. Here the kids can build sandcastles without having to bake in the sun all day. The Anahola sun is hard to resist, however, so when the kids are ready, they can leave the shade and get some rays.
If swimming is more your thing, Anahola Beach Park has that, too. Swimming is good most of the year, as the beach is protected by an offshore reef. Since some beaches around Kauai dont offer this sort of protection, its a treat to go to Anahola and be able to swim pretty much any time. And dont forget the snorkel gear back at your Kauai vacation condo, because Anahola Beach offers a good view of beautiful coral and all varieties of fish.
You can also have a great time at Anahola Beach without stepping a foot in the water. Get in your swimsuit, slather on some suntan lotion, and lay your towel down on the ground. Sunbathers love Anahola Beach because its usually not too crowded. Theres definitely room for you to stretch out and read your favorite book, or just close your eyes and relax.
For those who want something a little different, Anahola Beach Park also has a place to camp. Theres a small grassy area in an ironwood and hau tree grove where you can put a tent down. Of course, if youve got a beautiful Kauai vacation home to return to, would you really want to sleep in a tent?
Be sure to bring a picnic lunch when you come to Anahola Beach Park. If you bring your food, you wont have to leave in the middle of the day. Its not very relaxing if youve got to pack up once youve gotten comfortable, so bring some food and come to Anahola Beach Park and see the beauty of the Pacific Ocean!