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Anini Vista Drive Estate - 5BR Home

  • Everything was excellent!

, San Anselmo, CA, 7.4.14

Hale Mana Kauai - 5 bedroom Estate

  • 1. Loved the view. 2. Customer service was good. 3. Taking a jacuzzi and taking in the great views of the ocean. 4. The Beach House in Poipu The only suggestions that I have on the house is the following: New towels and washclothes. The ones provided were old and had bleach stains all over. That is unacceptable Some of the sliding glass door locks don't close easily. We had to work with several of them for quite a while before locking. That is a serious safety issue. TV didn't work because of the service, so we had no TV service for 4 days. Dishwasher was not working on Thanksgiving week. Not a good thing.....we had to wash all the dishes by hand and there were lots of them. We had 2 days of broken dishwasher. House near by had a lot of workers and a lot of noise coming from the machines used. Hard to relax outside when you hear all the machinery noise. We were not aware of this (construction )situation until the last few days prior to our arrival. Other than that, we had a nice time.

, Latrobe, CA, 11.28.11

Hale Mana Kauai - 5 bedroom Estate

  • It would have been nice for my meditation group to have been warned that there was an active construction site located directly next door !!! Up to a dozen trucks and vans arriving often as early as 6:30am was really not conducive to the peaceful atmosphere that we had expected and required.

, Carmel, CA, 11.10.11

Hale Mana Kauai - 5 bedroom Estate

  • What I liked best about the unit I rented was the open space and the gorgeous view from every window! We spent our entire first day at the unit and the beach below, with no regrets. Everything we needed was right there, beauty, adventure and relaxation!

, Parker, CO, 6.17.07

Hideaway Bay - 2BR Home

  • This was a fantastic home for our vacation and far exceeded our expectations. I'm so thankful we contacted you for the rental, and we'll definitely look to repeat in the future when returning to the Hawaiian Islands. This home created a memory for us that we'll always cherish. Mahalo!

, Suwanee, GA, 6.7.06

Hale Mana Kauai - 5 bedroom Estate

  • A truly world-class vacation spot!

, Stevenson, MD, 7.25.05